Candidate Meet and Greet, Political Events With Augusta County Republicans

With all the candidate forums and events taking place in Augusta County these days, it’s easy to realize there are close to two dozen seats up for election or reelection.

To help voters get to know candidates, the county Republican committee is hosting a Candidate Meet and Greet for the public on Tuesday, April 16, from 6-7:00 p.m., at the Augusta County Government Center.

Refreshments, candidates (all have been invited), and a committee meeting at 7:00 for those interested in attending, it presents an opportunity to talk with the candidates who will be on the ballot.

All filing deadlines has passed so this is the lineup of Republican candidates for the following offices:

Constitutional Officers
All Republican Constitutional Officer candidates did not have Republican opposition; therefore, according to the rules, no mass meeting will be held for those offices.

Sheriff: Neil T. Kester
Clerk of Court: Steve Landes
Commonwealth’s Attorney: Tim Martin
Commissioner of Revenue: Jean Shrewsbury
Treasurer: Richard T. Homes

Board of Supervisors
South River and Riverheads district mass meetings will be held on April 30, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. with registration beginning at 6:00 p.m. Their filing deadline was on March 13.

South River District:

-James Kindig
-Steven Morelli

-North River District:

-Stephen Morris
-Jeffrey A. Slaven

Riverheads District: Michael L. Shull (unopposed)
-Wayne District: Scott Seaton (unopposed)
-Beverley Manor District: G.L. “Butch” Wells (unopposed)

State Senate 24th District:

-Tina Freitas

-Sen. Emmett Hanger

House of Delegates 20th District:

-John Avoli

-Dave Bourne

House of Delegates 24th District: Del. Ronnie Smith (unopposed)

House of Delegates 25th District:

-Richard Fox

-Supv. Marshall Pattie

-Chris Runion

See the Augusta County website for information about the Meet and Greet, candidates, and more. You can also find the Augusta County Republican Committee on Facebook.

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