Beck Stanley is Bearing Drift’s Brackets Winner

The 2019 Ultimate Bearing Drift Bracket Champion is … drum roll … Beck Stanley! Coming in as Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, he landed at the top of the board with his predictions.

Congratulations, Beck, from all the Bearing Drift crew!

The NCAA basketball championship and Beck’s bracket accomplishment are all the sweeter since the Commonwealth’s own University of Virginia won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Yep, UVa won the Big Dance, and that helped a lot of BD brackets.

Back on March 18 when Bearing Drift set up the bracket contest, we teased, “Hoos rooting for Virginia?  Is Virginia Tech going to be a surprise upstart? Will VCU go all the way this year?”

The contest was touch-and-go during the three-week tournament with lead changes several times. Throughout it all, Beck was always fairly near the top, and the UVa win that he picked for the final clinched his victory.

The Top 3:

-Beck Stanley – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

-Caroline Kenney – The Perfect Bracket

-Melissa Kenney – My Legendary Bracket

Yes, you read that right. BD’s managing editor Melissa Kenney was beat out by her 14-year-old daughter who filled out brackets for the first time. Maybe they will have a rematch in 2020.

Thanks to everyone who played, and congratulations! Come back next year and we’ll do it again.

Cover photo: Beck Stanley with his two favorite Wahoo Fans, his grandmother and fiancée Rebecca