New Leadership for Young Republican Federation of Virginia

The Young Republican National Federation held its spring 2019 meeting in Richmond Saturday, the first time the organization had chosen a Virginia location. Young professional Republicans from across the country attended as well as Virginia YRs, and local and state elected officials.

During the meeting, Virginia YRs held elections with the Elevate slate winning all offices.

We’re particularly proud of the Bearing Drift writers who were elected leaders of YRFV: Andrew Hull, 2nd District YR Rep; Stephen Spiker, 11th District YR Rep; and Cole Trower, State Central Committee Rep. Thanks for all you guys do. Thanks also to Matt Hall who served on the Rules Committee, and to his wife Lauren who participated as a ballot counter.

Congratulations to Thomas Turner who was elected Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV) and to his entire leadership team.

Chairman: Thomas Turner
1st Vice Chair: Nishant Grover
2nd Vice Chair: Dan Turner
Secretary: Benjamin Dessart
Treasurer: Lauren Keiser
SCC Rep: Erika Day Dyer
SCC Rep: Cole Trower
National Committeeman: Jack Blakely
National Committeewoman: Jessi Rapelj
1st District Rep: Open
2nd District Rep: Andrew Hull
3rd District Rep: Hayden Bayliss
4th District Rep: Kassie Schroth
5th District Rep: Elliott Harding
6th District Rep: Dan Johnson
7th District Rep: Martha Crosby
8th District Rep:  Nadia Elgendy
9th District Rep: Caleb Cruey
10th District Rep: Evan Draim
11th District Rep: Stephen Spiker

Great job leading the YRs for the past two years, Kishore Thota! Thanks for all your work as Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia. #ImpactYRFV