Facebook and Instagram Down – UPDATED

Facebook and Instagram went out Wednesday afternoon causing users to post on Twitter about the outages. Facebook confirmed through Twitter. A check of downdetector.com also confirmed.

One Twitter user posted that the problem not only included Facebook and Twitter but also Messenger (Facebook’s message system), WhatsApp, and that Flikr and CapitalOne were struggling. He reported issues may be starting with Twitter although I’ve not encountered that as of 3pm.

He also reported that 12 hours ago Google, Gmail, and YouTube had were down or had issues.

On Tuesday morning East Coast customers of Verizon found their texting was down.

The outage was worldwide and prompted one Twitter user to post:

USA Today reported:

The massively popular social network started having problems at around noon Eastern time, with issues popping up across Facebook proper, Facebook Messenger and Instagram around the world.

As with nearly every Facebook outage, users headed to Twitter with the hashtag #facebookdown quickly becoming the top trending topic in the United States.

Downdetector.com, which monitors websites, showed the company experiencing issues across a large portion of the U.S. and Europe in addition to reported problems in parts of South America, Asia and Australia.

It was still down as of 3:30 ET as this article was posted. Stay tuned….

UPDATE: As of 7pm Wednesday Facebook was partially back online. Some reported, and it was the same for me, being able to pull it up on phones but no laptops. It’s obvious they are working to restore it.

Meanwhile, just before 7:30, the New York Times posted an article critical of Facebook’s data collection.

UPDATE x2: Facebook and Instagram were getting back to normal in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Instagram posted at 12:41 a.m. ET, “Anddddd … we’re back.” Facebook noted, “It’s good to be back.” Beyond that, there has been no explanations.

UPDATE x3: “Facebook blamed a “server configuration change” Thursday for the platform’s longest-ever outage, which also affected Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp users worldwide.” Read more from CBS News. Some commenters expressed doubt that could be all that was happening during the blackout.