Carolyn Weems Announces Her Candidacy for 7th Senate District

School Board member Carolyn Weems has announced for the 7th Senatorial District, the seat currently held by Republican Senator Frank Wagner who announced his retirement on Thursday. The district includes Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

A press release went out Friday evening:

(Virginia Beach, VA) — Carolyn Weems has declared her candidacy for the Virginia State Senate, to represent the citizens of the 7th Senatorial District. This seat is currently held by Senator Frank Wagner, who recently announced his retirement. Ms. Weems has served on the Virginia Beach School Board, Hampton Roads’ largest school system, since 2003, and believes her many years of public service, her tenacity, as well as her insight of community needs, make her uniquely qualified to represent the citizens of the 7th District.

“I have been an outspoken advocate for fiscal responsibility, student safety and improved resources for those with special needs throughout my years of public service. I know how to fight for what is best for my constituents,” said Ms. Weems. She continued, “I look forward to bringing that representation to the Senate of Virginia.”

Ms. Weems’ passion to serve began at the local level, advocating for special education, technical and career studies, and improving opportunities for our youngest citizens—our students. When personal tragedy struck, Ms. Weems was able to channel that grief into a state-wide initiative to fight the Opioid Epidemic. She is known throughout the Commonwealth for her efforts, fostering relationships in Richmond that will prove invaluable in the Senate. As a result of her advocacy, Weems received the 2017 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, as well as a Virginia Beach Human Rights Award.

“Carolyn Weems is a servant leader for every citizen she represents,” said Virginia Beach Councilwoman Jessica Abbott. “Her tireless efforts on behalf of her constituents is well-known, as is her passion and her unwillingness to back down. I have no doubt that Carolyn Weems will be a great Senator, because she has great courage, integrity, and character.”

A graduate of Clemson University and former women’s tennis coach at Old Dominion University, Ms. Weems has lived in Coastal Virginia for 35 years. She and her husband raised all five of their children, and now their granddaughter, in Virginia Beach.

“It would be my distinct honor to represent Virginia Beach and Norfolk in the Senate of Virginia. I have the experience, enthusiasm and determination to serve the people of the 7th Senatorial District, and believe my track record, as well as my love for the community, demonstrates my commitment to serve,” said Ms. Weems. “I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Senator Wagner for his 28 years of public service, and wish him well as he enjoys retirement”.

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