Landes Out, Pattie In for VA-25 House of Delegates?

Longtime Virginia Republican Delegate Steve Landes (VA-25) is planning a secret, last minute retirement announcement this week.

Landes’ surprise follows a parallel disclosure from Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk, Carol M. Brydge, who in February announced her resignation, effective April 1, 2019.

Delegate Landes confirmed he is “considering” the opportunity, and thus is an expected candidate for Brydge’s seat—a comfortable, non-controversial, and well paying civil service job—to be filled in an upcoming, date-to-be-determined special election.

Meanwhile, sources tell The Schilling Show that a covert scheme has been hatched in the 25th District, wherein hand-picked Landes replacement, Augusta County Supervisor, Marshall W. Pattie, will file for the open seat right at deadline.

On February 25, the 25th House of Delegates Legislative District Republican Committee issued an Official Call for a Party Canvass, to be held on April 27, with a filing deadline of 5:00 PM on March 6.

Local Republicans have long been wary of Pattie, reportedly a 2009-2011 chair of the Augusta County Democrats, a campaign organizer for the 2012 reelection of Barack Obama, and a 2010 fundraiser for then 5th District Congressman, Tom Perriello (a paid emissary of George Soros).

Supervisor Pattie did not respond to an inquiry regarding his interest in Landes’ seat.

While Landes’ retirement plans and Pattie’s interest in the 25th District seat are largely unknown outside of a small group of insiders, the resignation timing and tight filing deadline appear coordinated to limit the applicant pool … to one.