Denver Riggleman: On The Record On Northam

This Saturday afternoon, we here at Bearing Drift were contacted by Congressman Denver Riggleman who wanted to speak with us about the recent controversy surrounding Governor Northam and his medical school yearbook, along with his earlier comments about infanticide.

My first question posed to the Congressman was this:

“If one of the employees had done this, what is your response?”

Riggleman: “Are you this racist? Second, why did you not disclose this in the interview? Third, why are you hiding this? Then that person would be fired.”

Hall: “Is this political malpractice that we did not find this in this out earlier?”

Riggleman: “As I [Riggleman] have an intelligence background, he [Northam] knew about it. It’s more disturbing that he knew about it and as an intelligence officer, this should have been found. What is Northam saying about? Common sense train goes right off the tracks with Northam’s explanation of not being in the picture. Similar to Facebook in the modern age, would he put this on Facebook? If he does not resign, serious backlash in Virginia government.”

Hall: “How would you approach this from a military background?”

Riggleman: “Not sure if they would go for complete discharge in the military, but would fire anyone in the military if he was a commanding officer, meaning that they would have to leave their post and not from the service. When Denver was the same age as Northam, Denver was deployed to Germany, so the age argument is unfounded.”

Hall: As it relates to the tragedy in Charlottesville?

Riggleman: “Not a political issue; anyone should be called to task, and this is a human issue.”

Hall: Infanticide as a libertarian?

Riggleman: “Infanticide is wrong. There was a strong condemning statement from the delegation and we are all in shock. [The] Governor needs to step down and re-evaluate after both the picture and his comments about abortion.”

Congressman Riggleman also addressed being the first person to speak out because “it is the right thing to do.” Not quite sure why some people didn’t attack Northam faster? Congressman Riggleman’s first thought was it was fake, then was horrified to find out it was real. Did anyone else know about this? The answer is not profound, “but in politics, you have to call balls and strikes.”

On a personal note, it is beyond refreshing as a political writer to have an elected official who is honest and does not speak in “political speak.” We finally have a Republican Congressional delegation who will be up front with the voters and their constituents. I applaud Congressman Denver Riggleman and the entire Virginia Republican Congressional delegation for their honesty on this issue.