Congressman-elect Ben Cline Reaches Out to Constituents

A message was received Wednesday by 6th Congressional District constituents from Congressman-elect Ben Cline (R-6th CD)….

With the dust finally settled over this November’s elections and Thanksgiving around the corner, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to the voters of the Sixth Congressional district for placing their trust in me to be their voice in the 116th Session of the United States Congress.

During the campaign last summer, I followed through on a pledge to walk the more than 200 mile-length of the entire congressional district. The walk gave me the opportunity to not only introduce myself to the district, but more importantly, to listen to those voters I was seeking to represent.

The experience was amazing. From our innovative farmers, bold entrepreneurs, wise educators, and reverent faith leaders, to our courageous law enforcement officers, servicemen and servicewomen – the great people I met who make up the Sixth Congressional District are what America is all about.

To those who joined me and who I met along the way, I appreciate the time you took to talk with me and educate me on the concerns you have with your government. Thank you for sharing with me a small glimpse of the hopes and burdens that you carry so that I may be better prepared to represent you in Washington.

I was especially glad to meet with so many who still have faith that our broken system can be repaired. I strongly believe that Congress still has the mechanisms for success which our Founders devised, and that when its halls are filled with representatives who possess hearts of service, it can be restored to the institution that can provide solutions to the problems we face.

Our problems cannot wait for another election cycle or an end to media bias or partisan bickering. We need solutions from this Congress. While a divided Congress could be an excuse for further entrenchment into our political camps, I will try to work with anyone who seeks to ensure more freedom, more liberty, and more prosperity for the citizens of the Sixth District and this country.

Over these next two years, I would like to see and hear from you. So please let me know when you see an injustice in our system, if there is a problem I can help solve, or if there is a particular concern you believe needs to be addressed. After all, this is your government, and when I take the oath of office as your Representative in January, I plan to remind them of exactly that fact.

God bless America, and Happy Thanksgiving.