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Watching Hurricane Florence: Previewing This Week’s Episode of The Score

Hurricane Florence path cone of destructionNews that Hurricane Florence [1] was heading toward the East Coast, with her impact — as President Trump said, “tremendously big and tremendously wet [2]” — likely to affect states from Maryland to Georgia, including Virginia, took me to the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. That’s where I spoke with state climatologist [3] Jerry Stenger about hurricanes, in general, and Hurricane Florence, in particular.

Stenger is the author of such articles as “A synoptic climatological analysis of winter visibility trends in the mideastern United States [4]” (Atmospheric Environment Part B Urban Atmosphere, December 1991) and “A back?trajectory and air mass climatology for the Northern Shenandoah Valley, USA [5]” (International Journal of Climatology, April 2009) and has been widely [6] quoted [7] in the [8] press [9].

In a preview of the next episode of The Score from Bearing Drift [10], here’s an excerpt of my conversation with Dr. Stenger. Keep in mind that we were talking on Wednesday afternoon, while predictions about Hurricane Florence’s path, pace, and strength were in flux. He talks about the factors that can change the storm’s track and how that might effect the decision making of emergency managers, such as whether to evacuate the residents of Hampton Roads.

http://bearingdrift.com/wp-content/uploads/Stenger-excerpt-mono.mp3 [11]

In addition to Jerry Stenger, this week’s episode of The Score will feature interviews with law professors Louis Michael Seidman [12] of Georgetown University and Ronald Collins [13] of the University of Washington on free speech; Jake Grant [14] of Young Voices Advocates on eminent domain reform; Claire Gastañaga [15] of the ACLU of Virginia on solitary confinement in prisons; and author Kemba Smith [16] on her experience in the criminal justice system.

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