Live Blogging RPV’s State Central Committee Meeting

With a full agenda today at the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee meeting, Bearing Drift will provide updates.

On the agenda, among other things, are the election of a new RPV State Chairman as well as the 6th District appeal.

Many thanks to our boots on the ground who are attending the meeting in Richmond and helping with updates: Bearing Drift’s Rollin Reisinger, 6th District Central Vice Chair Craig Storrs Jr., and Augusta County Republican Committee member Dr. Scott Seaton.

Live updates:

3:15: The meeting is wrapping up.

2:50: Moving on … resolution on parental rights on the floor presented by 7th CD Rep Susan Lascollette. Passed.

2:45: Voted 38-34 to pass the Dunbar motion to postpone indefinitely.

2:35: As debate continues, Cynthia Dunbar made a motion to postpone indefinitely.

2:23: Discussion continuing on the 6th District appeal.

2:10: Discussion continues. Jeff Ryer: “We can’t do anything about the FEC complaints but we can determine whether or not the Sixth District needs to take another vote and get it right!”

2:03: Mike Thomas makes substitute motion to uphold the appeal wholly. Seconded.

2:02: Motion to grant the appeal to allow Jennifer to appoint the ad hoc committee but otherwise allow the motion to stand. Seconded.

1:40: Discussion. RPV general counsel Chris Marston states that RPV has Directors and Officers Liability Insurance that kicks in at $100,000. Marston states that there is no personal liability, and that the liability would lie with the 6th District Committee.

1:35: Steve Troxel and Carrie Thompson presenting rebuttal.

1:30: 6th District Chairwoman Jennifer Brown is presenting the 6th District appeal.

1:12: Right out of the gate, Steve Troxel (Lynchburg) Troxel makes a motion to dismiss the 6th District appeal. He claims it wasn’t properly filed. Discussion. Jeff Ryer speaking against Troxel’s motion; has an issue with Troxel’s idea that the actions of 6th District with the $30,000 were reasonable. Diana Shores asked whether Craig Storrs, 6th District rep who filed the appeal, included a statement of action against the appeal. Chris Marston says the cover sheet includes GUIDELINES and is not binding like the Party Plan. Mike Thomas speaks against Troxel’s motion. Not voting. Division of the house. Troxel’s motion fails, 34-38.

1:11: Meeting resumes.

1:06: Five minute notice for meeting to resume.

Jack Wilson and Chuck Smith (left to right). Photo by George Urban, Chairman, Albemarle County Republican Committee.

12:50: The new chairman’s first decision: everyone grab lunch and bring it back to eat while continuing the meeting. I imagine they will recess for 20-30 minutes or so to give everyone time to find food.

Jack Wilson, new RPV State Chairman. Photo by Rollin Reisinger.

12:48: JACK WILSON has won as the new RPV State Chairman. Vote was 53-25-1. Congrats, Jack!

12:47: Looks like the votes are in and will be forthcoming after the 5th District Chairman’s report.

12:45: Waiting for a count total for the chairman race.

12:30: Voting now underway for RPV Chairman between Jack Wilson and Chuck Smith. District Chair reports continue while votes are counted.

12:20: Dewey McDonnell nominates Chuck Smith. Says Chuck will offer a “fresh start” for RPV.

Photo by Bearing Drift Senior Contributor Rollin Reisinger

12:15: Carole de Triquet, 3rd District SCC Rep, nominates Jack Wilson for RPV Chairman. As Chairman of the 3rd Congressional District, Jack is the longest serving District Chairman on the Committee.

12:12: Chris Marston wins Eastern Vice Chair position, 43-35.

12:10: District chairs giving reports as Eastern Vice ballots are being counted.

11:50: Secret ballot won by a vote of 48-28 over a roll call

11:30: Candidates for Eastern Vice Chairman are speaking. Motion for roll call vote for election was defeated. Jennifer Lee nominates Chris Marston for Eastern Vice Chairman. Linda Bartlett (VFRW) nominates Mauricio Tamargo for Eastern Vice Chairman. This is to replace the position held for many years by Kevin Gentry who resigned after the senate nominee was chosen.

From Erika Dyer’s FB: “Chair Thomas suggested the following rules: Candidates for Chair will be given 7 minutes, candidates for EVC will be given 5 minutes. Members will cast their votes on written ballots. Ballots will be counted by tellers committee, two people from each candidate on the committee. 10th CD Chair Nicholson made a motion for and is speaking in favor of a role call vote. Jeff Ryer is speaking against the motion.”

Erika added, “When it comes to matter of personnel, we’ve always voted via private ballot to ensure less infighting. Nothing prevents us from individually stating who we voted for. I voted in favor of secret ballot. Division on roll call vote: motion defeated. The rules Chairman Thomas suggested were approved. We are now taking a less than 5 minute recess so the candidates can choose their representatives for the tellers committee and prepare to speak.”

10:45: Meeting has been called to order. Went into executive session.

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Cover photo by Bearing Drift Senior Contributor Rollin Reisinger


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