Jack Wilson Elected New RPV State Chairman

At Saturday’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond, Fourth District Chairman Jack Wilson was elected as the new RPV State Chairman. He replaces John Whitbeck who resigned in July.

Wilson presided over the RPV 2016 State Convention in Harrisonburg, and the Sixth District Convention held on May 19, 2018. He is the longest serving chairman of the seven on State Central.

Congratulations to Jack Wilson as he takes the reins of RPV.

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox congratulated Wilson, noting, “I’ve known Jack for a long time and consider him a good friend. He’s been a tremendous grassroots leader in our party, advancing conservative principles and electing Republicans at all levels of government.”

He went on to add, “The Republican Party of Virginia will be well served with his leadership, and the House Republican Majority looks forward to working with him as Chairman in 2019 and beyond.”

RPV released the following:

Today, members of the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia elected Jack Wilson of the Fourth Congressional District the newest RPV Chairman. Wilson will finish former Chairman Whitbeck’s term, and be eligible to run for re-election in 2020.
Wilson graduated from West Virginia University in 1982, where he served as the president of the College Republicans. He went on the graduate in 1990 from the Columbia University School of Law. Wilson served as a Captain in the United States’ military, has four children, five grandchildren, and recently celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary.
After moving to Chesterfield, Wilson became involved in the Chesterfield County Republican Committee, ultimately being elected Chairman of one of the most successful GOP units in Virginia. He served on the State Central Committee from the 7th Congressional District until redistricting put him in the 4th District. In 2007, Jack was elected Chairman of the 4th District Committee and has served in that capacity continuously since, making him the longest tenured District Chairman currently on State Central Committee. While serving as the 4th District Chairman, Wilson has served on the Executive Committee of RPV, served terms as Chairman of the Budget Committee, Chaired the 2016 State Republican Convention and the 2018 6th District Convention while also chairing his own 4th District Conventions.
“I am incredibly honored that the Republicans of this Commonwealth trust me to lead them to victory,” said Wilson. “I look forward to working with Republicans from all across Virginia. Our party is headed in the right direction, and we are excited about the future.”

Congratulations also to Chris Marston who was elected Eastern Vice Chairman to fill the position after Kevin Gentry, who served for many years, resigned after the U.S. senate primary.

Cover photo by Rollin Reisinger

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