Good-Natured Reporter Rolls With 6th District Punches

There has been much about the 6th Congressional District GOP Committee that has not been humorous over the past months but what happened at Thursday night’s appeal meeting has made the rounds within the district, leaving some giggling in its wake.

Besides the mundane to-be-expected report of what transpired with the routine events in the meeting, this hilarious moment occurred, tweeted out by political reporter Amy Freidenberger with the Roanoke Times:

Indeed. Sixth District Central Regional Vice Chair Craig Storrs, in his July 6th post at Bearing Drift about what had transpired at the meeting, had noted the incident:

Matt Fitzgerald also made a motion to preclude the disclosure of information related to the FEC complaints, the independent audit, etc., to the press. What he failed to realize at first was that the FEC complaints, the legal brief, and the motion to preclude disclosure were all discussed on July 5th in a room that had at LEAST one member of the press.


In her Roanoke Times piece, Ms. Friedenberger also wrote about it:

Concerned about heightened “outside scrutiny” of the 6th District Republican Committee, a Staunton party leader asked that the committee not divulge sensitive information regarding its legal troubles to the public.

Matt Fitzgerald made the motion at a heated committee meeting Thursday night in Lexington.

Party leaders convened to vote on an appeal of the committee’s decision to spend $30,000 — nearly emptying its bank account — to hire an attorney to defend the committee and past members against three complaints to the Federal Election Commission.

Chairwoman Jennifer Brown hoped for a brief meeting, but it quickly turned into people talking over one another and disputing rules.

“Democrats love to promote public in-fighting,” Fitzgerald said when he introduced the surprise motion at the end of the meeting. “Frankly, I think some Republicans do, as well.”

Fitzgerald’s motion passed. Brown said it will apply narrowly to information protected by attorney-client privilege, and release of information will require an approved motion from the committee.

Some members at the meeting described the motion as a “gag order.”

The Roanoke Times synopsis of the 6th District committee’s decision to deplete the district’s piggy bank is a good overview (see here) as well as the Bearing Drift post from Craig Storrs who filed the appeal with the 6th District, and after their denial, has filed an appeal with the State Central Committee (see here).

More humor would be appreciated in today’s political climate.