Sen. Bill Stanley: ‘I Am Making Myself Available for Nomination’

It’s official. State Senator Bill Stanley is IN for the 5th Congressional race. He made the announcement Thursday evening on Facebook:

I was stunned as many in the party were, with the sudden announcement that Congressman Garrett was not seeking re-election. I have known Tom for years – and was proud to serve with him in the Virginia Senate. His admission – of battling a horrible disease was courageous and I pray that he is successful in this fight. Knowing Tom as I do, I have no doubt that he will be. He is a great man, and I am honored to call him friend.

Serving in the Virginia Senate has been a huge honor for me – and I have been blessed with a great wife and family that have allowed me to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth and make a difference – at the expense of precious time at home with a growing family. I am fully prepared to continue the honor to represent the great citizens of my district.

But service is a sacrifice. However, this sacrifice that elected officials make cannot compare to the degree of sacrifice made every day by the men and women of our great military. My father spent his career in the service of our country, and it is his honor, character and integrity, as well as my family’s strong faith in God that he instilled in me, that carry me through every day of my life. It’s with this sacrifice in mind, that I have considered the requests of many people who have asked me to consider, and undertake the Republican Nomination for the 5th Congressional District.

My proven conservative votes and leadership in the Virginia General Assembly – whether on life, the 2nd amendment, or just plain common sense have prepared me for whatever challenge lies ahead. As the former 5th District Chairman, I love this district, the rank and file of its members, and the grassroots that have made it one of the most conservative congressional districts in the nation. So, after careful consideration, prayer and consultation with the most important person in my life, I hereby giving you formal notice that I am making myself available for nomination, and that I would humbly honor any nomination that I would be asked to undertake as the Republican nominee – be it in Washington or in Richmond.

Warmest regards,

Bill Stanley
Senator (R), 20th State Senate District

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