Third FEC Complaint Filed Against 6th District’s Scott Sayre

A third complaint has been filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against 6th Congressional District Chairman Scott Sayre of Sayre Enterprises, and Cynthia Dunbar who is a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.

The FEC Complaint was filed by former Augusta County Republican Committee chairman and former RPV State Central Committee member Georgia Alvis-Long.

Alvis-Long has also filed letters of complaint against Sayre at the Office of Inspector General with the U.S. Department of Defense, and at the General Services Administration (see document below).

The FEC complaint lists two points:

1) Source-prohibited contribution to federal committee.

The complaint contends this violates federal law, which prohibits corporations and federal contractors from making cash or in-kind contributions to federal candidates or committees.

From the complaint: Sayre Enterprises derives a substantial portion of its revenue from federal contracts. Since 2008 there have been 912 contracts through the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration totaling more than $14.5 million.

In a statement to the Richmond Times-Dispatch published April 25, 2018, Scott Sayre acknowledged that Sayre Enterprises made an in-kind contribution of office space for a “headquarters” to the Sixth Congressional District Republican Federal Committee, of which he currently serves as Chairman, writing, “All political discussions or meetings if they took place would have been conducted in the 6th District headquarters and conference rooms located in the same building where Sayre Enterprises is headquartered. The conference room at issue is open to and used by all district committee members. Both Tederick and Dunbar are committee members.”

Under the direction of Scott Sayre, the headquarters at Sayre Enterprises was also used to formally hear challenges to delegates for the May 19th federal nominating convention, according to an email from a committee member overseeing the process on behalf of Sayre. This constitutes the formalization of Sayre Enterprises as a place for Scott Sayre to oversee and direct the business of the committee as it meets with political leaders and voters who are not employees, stockholders, or members.

See the document below for full details.

2) Source-prohibited contribution to federal candidate.

From the complaint: According to a financial disclosure statement filed by Cynthia Dunbar with the Clerk of the House of Representatives in connection with her campaign, Dunbar was paid in excess of $5000 by Sayre Enterprises in 2017 for “research and development.” Filing requirements do not mandate disclosure of the exact amount. In public comment, Dunbar has refused to detail the exact amount she received from Sayre Enterprises and has additionally refused to detail the specific nature of the work performed.

See document below for full details.

Request for investigation

Complainant requests the Federal Election Commission expeditiously investigate both of the foregoing complaints and take all appropriate actions within its authority to restrain future violations of the law by R. Scott Sayre, Sayre Enterprises, Cynthia N. Dunbar, and the 6th Congressional District Republican Federal Committee.

Two previous complaints had been filed here and here.

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