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Delegate Disenfranchisement Puts Sixth District Convention Under Appeal

The 6th Congressional District Republican Convention that is scheduled for Saturday is officially under appeal.

On Friday, Dan Cullers, chairman of the Rockingham County Republican Committee, filed the appeal to the 6th District Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia, the General Counsel of RPV, and the State Central Committee of RPV.

Included were 32 signatures of 6th District Republican Party members/convention delegates.

The appeal alleges several main points:

1. Campaigns suppressing participation with false information.
2. Attempted suppression of Rockbridge delegation.
3. Conflicts of interest.
4. Confusing appeals process.
5. Burdensome appeals requirements.
6. Illegal dissolution and reconstitution of Augusta unit.
7. Other issues not yet reported.

The purpose of the appeal is to allow full participation in the convention by disenfranchised delegates who meet the qualifications of Article I of the Party Plan. It also asks that the appeal be acted on before Saturday’s convention in support of a fair and compliant process.

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