Concerns for the 6th District

By James Cook

Governor Sarah Palin in 2008 told Charlie Gibson that you could actually see parts of Russia from some points in Alaska. This comment sparked a large amount of ridicule aimed at Governor Palin even though her comment was correct.

Democrats began a campaign against Governor Palin claiming ignorance and an unintellectual. It was the footing they needed that ended the political career of an underdog candidate who grew from PTA mom to Governor.

I was a soldier, officer, and aviator stationed in Alaska when she began her career, and she became one to watch. Her comments, albeit correct and innocent, were the momentum in a spiraling antagonistic diatribe from Democrats and late night spoofs.

Let us now look at some comments by one of the candidates running for the Virginia 6th District Congressional seat, Ms. Cynthia Dunbar.

Ms. Dunbar has clearly expressed her abhorrence for public education in her book, “One Nation Under God.” She called public schools a “tool of perversion,” “unconstitutional,” and “tyrannical.”

On a personal level, she rejected the public school system, opting instead to homeschool her children. She writes that sending children to the public education system is, “throwing them into the enemy’s flames even as the children of Israel threw their children to Moloch.”

Her comments raise significant concerns for several reasons. First, the Democrats will have a field day with them. They will use her comments to alienate many by inciting anger. The Democrats will smell blood in the water and will vote.

Additionally, her comments will cause many Republicans to “sit-this-one-out.”

Another area of concern regarding her comments on public education was whether she really thought that the establishment of public schools was unconstitutional or “tyrannical,” because it threatened the authority of families, granted by God through Scripture, to direct the instruction of their children. If so, then why did she campaign and serve one term on the Texas State Board of Education? It will be seen as attempting to destroy the system from within. We see that now.

Look only at the 6th District and the confusion established by the 6th District Committee. They have isolated the process, eliminated discussion, and begun monologues on how we should act. It appears that Ms. Dunbar would rather disrupt and destroy the system by her participation than to work and improve the GOP voice.

Which brings me to their strategy.

Eliminate the voice.

Ms. Dunbar said in the video interview that this is a race that can be completely controlled by the Christian vote.

She goes on to say that participation in a convention versus a primary can be reduced by 2000 to 3000 participants, and if she could get 1500 delegates there, she could win.

We have seen where the 6th District and specifically emails from the Dunbar team were threatening disqualification of delegates especially Rockbridge County which leans heavily towards Delegate Ben Cline.

It appears she addressed their strategy to reduce participation and heavily load it in her favor. The first shot across the bow was planning the convention on May 19th, thus eliminating the Liberty University delegation.

Also in this video Ms. Dunbar cites James 1:27. Her view is that the proper biblical role for government is that it should have no role in providing for those in need as that is a task that God has assigned to the church.

“We have to realize that when we hand that [task] over to an ungodly government, without a heart, without a soul, that is not how God intended it to be done,” she said.

Should she take her message to the church and address their inability to care for the poor instead of attempting to destroy Congress from within?

Dunbar retired from the Texas State Board of Education in 2010 and became the head of an educational book company called Momentum Instruction. In 2015, Momentum published an infamous textbook called Mexican American Heritage that attracted a national firestorm for passages such as one claiming that Chicanos “adopted a revolutionary narrative that opposed Western civilization and wanted to destroy this society.”

Additionally, the textbook stated, “Stereotypically, Mexicans were viewed as lazy compared to European or American workers,” and, “it was also traditional to skip work on Mondays, and drinking on the job could be a problem.”

Remember, Ms. Dunbar claims public education is unconstitutional and tyrannical. Why is she in the public education textbook business? When the Texas SBOE unanimously rejected her textbook on Mexican American Heritage, Ms. Dunbar said she had not hired Mexican American scholars to help write the book because they would have been biased. Ms. Dunbar defended the textbook, arguing that most of the concerns were just from a revised draft copy. However, Ms. Dunbar unpersuasively told her old colleagues that voting against the textbook would be “unconstitutional.”

There is a major foothold for the Democrats here to gain momentum against the GOP in this election.

Ms. Dunbar claims she is not a career politician. However, she ran for Texas’ 22nd Congressional District in 2008 and took just 4 percent of the vote in a crowded primary. Without a lot of funds, she is now attempting to understand Virginia, and specifically the 6th District issues.

I agree, we need to “drain the swamp,” but we do not need to destroy and embitter many within the GOP who want to see the wonderful change we are accomplishing under President Trump’s leadership. Nominating Ms. Dunbar to Congress will not only be an accelerant the Democrats use to fuel the Blue Wave but, if elected, will create an isolationist view disparaging the voice of many compassionate and focused Republicans. She is extreme.

The 6th District needs to reunite as one voice. The current group of candidates running for Congress are an amazing example of intellect, tenacity, compassion, and strength. All of whom bring excellent skills and collaboration to the table. However, one candidate has created divisiveness and it has been strategic. The last time district Republicans tore ourselves apart over a nomination ended up giving Democrat Jim Olin the opportunity to claim the center and win.

These are just a few of the statements Democrats will leverage against Ms. Dunbar if she wins the nomination:

Public Education is tyrannical.

Public Education (and highways) are unconstitutional.

Public schools are a tool of perversion.

Mexicans were viewed as lazy.

(Mexicans) skip work on Mondays, and drinking on the job could be a problem.

(Chicanos) adopted a revolutionary narrative that opposed Western civilization and wanted to destroy this society.

[T]he biblical worldview, or the mindset that is based upon a clear application of scripture, understands that the civil government is to have no involvement or jurisdiction over the realm of benevolence or aid to the poor.

Government does not have a heart and does not have a soul.

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