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6th District: Five Congressional Campaigns Issue Joint Statement on Convention Transparency

In the 6th Congressional District, five candidates’ campaigns — Ben Cline, Chaz Haywood, Ed Justo, Kathryn Lewis, and Doug Wright — have issued a joint statement about the convention process….

The continued questions of transparency and fairness regarding the nomination process for the 6th Congressional District Republican Convention have caused the campaigns of Ben Cline, Chaz Haywood, Ed Justo, Kathryn Lewis, and Doug Wright to unify behind a plan which includes the election of an independent Temporary Chairman of the May 19th Convention in Harrisonburg, fair representation on convention committees, and traditional rules for the election of our nominee for Congress.

The five campaigns released a joint statement regarding their plan:

“Over the last five months, it has become clear that the Republican convention to select our nominee for the Sixth Congressional District must remain free of the perception of undue influence or any conflicts of interest.

“The integrity of our Republican Party and the success of our eventual nominee against the Democrats in November requires that the nominating process is above board in every respect and free from any hint of scandal or impropriety.

“We have concluded that the current plans put forth by Chairman Scott Sayre will not ensure a fair, orderly, and unbiased convention for the Sixth Congressional District.”

Concerns over fairness and transparency stem from several issues that have surfaced since current Sixth District GOP Chairman Scott Sayre oversaw a manipulation of the rules at the Sixth District meeting back on January 6th.

At that meeting, the Sixth District Republican Committee, at the behest of Vice-Chairman Matt Tederick, who serves as Political Director for Cynthia Dunbar—one of eight candidates running in this May’s convention—opted to nominate the party’s nominee by a plurality vote, in which a candidate could win the convention with less than 13% support.

The Republican Party’s State Central Committee voted last month to strip that language out of the call [1] for the convention because the Sixth District Committee did not have the authority to bind convention delegates in such a manner.

Since then, it was revealed that one of the eight candidates, Cynthia Dunbar, was on the payroll of Chairman Scott Sayre’s company [2] in the summer of 2017, a clear conflict of interest that necessitates a separate and fair convention plan.

The five campaigns that have signed on to this convention plan have pledged to support a fair rules package that nominates the congressional nominee by a majority, through a multi-ballot process.

Traditionally, this is how nominees for public office have been selected at conventions, and all five campaigns are committed to ensuring that the eventual nominee emerges from the convention on May 19th and heads into the general election contest with the support of a majority of convention delegates and a united Republican Party behind them.

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