ICYMI: Bearing Drift’s Weekend Roundup

It’s the weekend and time to catch up with all the great Bearing Drift posts you may have missed. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the weekend roundup.

The Score: Campus Sensors, Grassroots Activism, Chappaquiddick, and More by Rick Sincere

6th District GOP Food Fight, Dems Talk Issues op-ed by Mike Desjadon

How Do We Tell the Story of Vietnam? Letters From a Soldier, 50 Years On, Part 1 by Susan Sili

Hey Uber, Over Here! Over Here! by James A. Bacon

Statement from Cox on Special Session 2018 by Lynn R. Mitchell

Cynthia Dunbar Paid Friends & Endorsers Nearly Half of District GOP Budget op-ed by James Harrison

Rep. Barbara Comstock on Speaker Paul Ryan’s Retirement by Lynn R. Mitchell

GOP Resistance to Medicaid Expansion Cracks by Norman Leahy

Cole Trower Named New GOP Chairman of Norfolk by Lynn R. Mitchell

How Coal Saved the Grid in January by James A. Bacon

Why I Am Running for Norfolk GOP Chair by Cole Trower

Brown Calls Sayre Ineffective, Using Stall Tactics; Again Calls For His Resignation by Lynn R. Mitchell

Congress returned from its two-week spring break on Monday, April 9. Daily U.S. House schedules are also listed when they are in session. For all the latest posts all the time check out Bearing Drift Latest News.