Rep. Barbara Comstock On Speaker Paul Ryan’s Retirement

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock today issued the following statement on the retirement of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:

“I’ve been honored to know and work with Speaker Paul Ryan since our days as staffers on Capitol Hill through the Romney campaign to Congress.  He has promoted the compassionate conservative, opportunity agenda that his mentor Jack Kemp espoused to bring the American Dream to all communities.

“I appreciate the Speaker’s leadership on a pro-growth economy and the first tax reform in a generation.  I particularly appreciate the Speaker’s support for working with us to advance landmark legislation to fight Sexual Harassment in the workplace and the help that he has always given to recruit more women in the Republican conference.  I know he will continue his servant leadership wherever he goes.”

The House Speaker tweeted his intentions and addressed a press conference:

  • Lee Pillsbury

    Cue attacks on Ryan and Comstock in 3….2…1.

  • mezurak

    Maybe he just wants a piece of Boner’s action.

  • Allen Muchnick

    I wish Speaker Ryan the best and look forward to the return of Speaker Pelosi.

    • M. D. Russ

      Dole Pineapple Pelosi is the biggest obstacle to the Democrats winning a majority in the House this year. She is the Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. Paul Ryan has been a dismal failure of leadership in opposing the Cheetos Mussolini. Nancy Pelosi will be no better.

      Our democratic republic is in grave danger and new leadership is desperately needed on both sides of the aisle.

      PS to Paul Ryan: don’t let the door bang you on your butt on your way out. And take your buds in the Freedom Caucus with you. All they do in Washington is suck up oxygen and turn food into poop.

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