David Nygaard, Former Republican, Misses Ballot for VA-2 Democratic Primary

David Nygaard, a businessman and Republican-turned-Democrat, has apparently failed to qualify for the ballot in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District primary.

According to individuals within the Nygaard campaign, the Chair of the 2nd District Democratic Committee disqualified over 300 petition signatures, with entire sheets being discarded for “notarization errors.” That number eventually turned into nearly 600 disqualified signatures with no further explanation.

According to my source with the Nygaard campaign, they turned in 1,300 signatures, well over the required 1,000. It’s not hard to imagine that Nygaard being a former Republican and a rare pro-life Democrat could have played a part in the Democrats wanting to keep him off their ballot.

Nygaard will now seek election to Virginia Beach City Council, challenging incumbent John Uhrin in Beach District. He’ll join RK Kowalewitch and John Coker in what has become a crowded field, which only boosts the well-funded Councilman’s chances of re-election. It’s worth noting that City Council races in Virginia Beach are non-partisan.

The Democratic Primary field now consists of Elaine Luria and Virginia Beach teacher Karen Mallard, one of whom will then face the tough task of taking on Congressman Scott Taylor, or Mary Jones of James City County, in November.

UPDATE: The Nygaard campaign reached out with the following statement from David Nygaard….

“I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome of our efforts in the Democratic primary but I accept them completely. I agreed to abide by their rules and I am not going to complain after the fact.  I’ve suffered far worse setbacks and have learned to move on.

“While campaigning, I discovered there are a lot of issues still worth fighting for and they aren’t partisan. As a new Democrat and former Republican I can appreciate these issues and I believe I have solutions that aren’t partisan either as I shift into a city council race. I’ve been talking about Public Safety, Public Health, and small business; I believe we can find creative and original solutions that nobody else is looking at, so that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

  • Turbocohen

    You are better than this Andrew. Selectively mentioning the democrat primary and not the republican primary is beneath you.

    • Marcus Calabrese


      I’m going to run and do my grandmother a favor real quick, I’m sure you have stuff you can be doing.

      David closed the store and is no longer using the retail model. You are welcomed to try it yourself. He has a home office…many items are there. He has a Norfolk office…many items are there.

      Please free to see either one.

      I hope this makes it clear. If not. I guess just re-read it because I don’t know how else to say it.

      • Jimmy Frost

        So, he did relocate his business to Norfolk.
        A simple “yes” or “no” would suffice…

        • David Nygaard


        • Michael Nosal

          He already explained that his place in Norfolk is not zoned for retail.

          That means…

          Wait for it…

          There is no retail store in Norfolk.

  • Wow. Reason 974,335,019 I’m not a Democrat.

    • Sbn

      Democrat chicanery in the 2nd = bad
      Republican chicanery in the 6th = business as usual?

      • David Nygaard

        Two party system that maybe needs to be looked at in terms of primary election procedures.

  • Jimmy Frost

    So he wants to talk about small business while running for Virginia Beach City Council, AFTER he closed his shoppe in Virginia Beach and relocated it to Norfolk?


    • Marcus Calabrese

      Jimmy, if we had hired you to do our website like you asked a few times would you still be taking swipes at us?

      • Jimmy Frost

        Is it a fact?

        • Marcus Calabrese

          No, Jimmy, it is not a fact, business has changed tremendously. Ask Toys R Us, Circuit City, Radio Shack. David has a home office, come by and see it, and expanded into a co-o.o office space in Norfolk. If you look at the new developments and condos it might make sense. If voters are looking for conventional, they’re gonna have to look somewhere else

          • Jimmy Frost

            So he did not move his store to Norfolk?

          • Marcus Calabrese

            Oh my God Jimmy…259 Granby St. Please come see it on the 2nd floor.

            There are no stores, that is not the model allowed by the business floor plan. Everyone has offices. David has an office in Norfolk.

            We will load photos. Would that make you feel better.

            There are office spaces!!!


          • Jimmy Frost

            So, he closed his store in Virginia Beach and relocated his business to Norfolk.

          • David Nygaard

            Jimmy I have a mobile business and meet people in the office in Norfolk or my home in Va Beach or at other places. I’ve been doing mobile appraisals for many years. I can take my laptop and do custom design anywhere at the customer’s convenience. No it isn’t traditional retail but it works for me and my clients.

          • Jimmy Frost

            So why then did you close your Hilltop store?

          • David Nygaard

            Because my lease expired. I didn’t want to do traditional retail any longer. I had several personal reasons. Is there some unwritten law that I must continue my business without changes? Dude! My business model has changed quite a few times since my mom opened Sandy’s of Virginia Beach in 1978.

          • Jimmy Frost

            Dude! I simply asked why you closed it. It could have been any number of reasons such as the City of Virginia Beach permits, fees and taxes, location being the issue, sales not covering expenses, etc.

          • Michael Nosal

            No. You accused him of closing it and moving it to Norfolk as some dig for him running for Virginia Beach City Council.

            It took SEVERAL posts before you “simply asked.”

          • Jimmy Frost

            And you don’t find the timing of closing a business, moving it or repurposing or changing the business model right before running for public office rather curious?

            If someone is adverse to tough questions, perhaps a political career isn’t the best choice.

          • Michael Nosal

            Actually, many people who decide to throw their hat into politics and are business owners tend to either sell, pass down to family, or close their businesses.

            And I know when I see a person close their business to pursue a political career, I know that they are serious about it.

            Because they are not allowing the business to be a distraction from their political agenda.

          • David Nygaard

            My new business model means I work by appointment and have more control over my schedule than I had holding retail hours. It gives me some flexibility to campaign but not shut down my business.

          • David Nygaard

            Jimmy is just mad we didn’t hire him to do another sub par website.

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  • Michael Nosal

    Sorry to hear about this. I know you worked hard for those signatures. Fingers crossed that you have better luck in future elections.

    • David Nygaard

      Thanks. We did work hard and turned in what we thought were plenty of signatures. We were mistaken thinking the state board of elections evaluates the petitions. I discovered the SBE doesn’t even see the petitions which remain the property of the respective parties.

  • Paul Schubert

    Former (R) now a (D) for an opportunity to run against Scott Taylor (R). Failed that by lack of attention to detail of the fundamentals of petitioning. Now running for City Council in a crowded Beach district race. Seems like an opportunist, much like H.R.C. who carpetbagged into the Senate from a vacant NY state seat. Mr. Uhrin should be pleased, for this fractured field that will get him re-elected to the Beach council. So much for political change at the beach.

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