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6th District GOP Committee’s Saturday Meeting Now Cancelled

The 6th Congressional District Republican Committee’s quarterly meeting that was scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled. Convention planning, committees, and arrangements will need to be tended to at an Executive Committee meeting to be held next Thursday, April 12, at 5pm in Waynesboro at Ken Adams’ campaign headquarters.

Scott Sayre had demanded that convention delegate lists not be released prior to a vote at Saturday’s meeting on whether or not the remaining units were going to release their lists.

Four units — Shenandoah County, Rockingham County, Amherst County, and Lynchburg City — had released their lists weeks ago.

With the meeting cancelled and with pressure building within the district from candidates, grassroots, and convention delegates, the holdout units decided to go ahead and send in their delegate names. As of Friday, most lists had been submitted to the 6th District secretary who had begun dispersing them to Unit chairs throughout the District.

The question now will be whose names make the approved list of convention delegates, and whose will be rejected. And how many reasons will they come up with to turn away longtime Republican volunteers who have asked to take part in the process of selecting a nominee to run for their congressman’s seat?

The 6th District convention is six weeks away.