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Newly Elected Lynchburg GOP Chair Wendell Walker Will Release 6th District Delegates List

Wendell Walker, newly elected Lynchburg City Republican Committee chairman.

Lynchburg experienced a great victory for Republicans Monday night with the election of Wendell Walker as Republican city committee chairman. As a long-time, experience party leader, he is committed to changing the face of local government by electing common sense conservatives.

Walker announced after his election that his first order of business as party leader will be to immediately release ALL delegate information to all candidates as they prepare for the May 19th District Convention in Harrisonburg. That is in opposition to District Chair Scott Sayre’s decision to hold the lists until mid-April, something that has caused questions from candidates about holding the names instead of releasing they can contact delegates for the convention.

In a packed room during a long meeting, Wendell Walker’s leadership to chairmanship was confirmed by an almost 2-to-1 vote, 96 to 56.

Now the goal is to take back Lynchburg for the Republican Party.

Outgoing Lynchburg chairman Brian Keith Triplett.
Wendy Jacobs, secretary of the committee and temporary secretary of the mass meeting.
Cynthia Dunbar, candidate for Congess in the seat being vacated by Bob Goodlatte.
Jennifer Brown who is running for chairman of the 6th Congressional District.
Craig Storrs, Central Regional Vice Chairman of the Sixth Congressional District Committee.
Bethany Harrison, Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.
Lynchburg Sheriff Dan Sloan.
Cynthia Dunbar videos at the front of the meeting room.

Dave Eggleston collecting signatures for Bert Mizusawa to be on the U.S. Senate ballot.

Bethany Harrison, Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Kathryn Lewis, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.

Virginia State Senator Mark Peake talks with constituents before the meeting.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell