Saturday: RPV State Central Meeting: Updated

Republican Party of Virginia state central committee members are meeting in Richmond today to cover regular business, issues concerning the 6th Congressional Republican District committee, and to vote on the removal of member Fredy Burgos.

Bearing Drift first called for Burgos’ removal as a representative of the Virginia Republican Party in June 2016 (see Editorial: We Need Leaders Who Know When to Shut Up; Burgos Should Step Down), and most recently in February (see GOP’s Burgos Suggests Jews Shouldn’t Run for Office).

Stay tuned to Bearing Drift for updates as we receive information from Richmond.

10:00 am: State Central Committee meeting begins.

Agenda business included the replacement for Eastern Vice Chairwoman. Amanda Batten elected new Eastern Vice Chairwoman. Banister deemed to have resigned for missing too many meetings. She was unsuccessful in asking for another chance to have better attendance.

Fredy Burgos issue: Multiple procedural questions on whether it was a valid call. Mark Hile tried to cede authority back to the 11th Congressional District that Burgos represents but it was ruled out.

11:00: SCC members have gone into executive session for debate on the Fredy Burgos issue. Plans are to come out of closed session for a public vote.

12:30 pm: Executive session continues on the Burgos discussion. Word is they have decided to go secret with the ballot while in closed session.

12:50: Word is that Amanda Chase, former campaign manager for Dave Brat, carried a proxy and spoke in favor of Burgos.

1:05: No official vote count yet but hearing that Fredy Burgos has been voted off the State Central Committee of Virginia GOP.

1:20: It’s official. Fredy Burgos is out. It has been confirmed that Senator Amanda Chase spoke on behalf of Fredy Burgos to save his position on state central. That should speak volumes to her constituents.
Mike Troxel won appeal on 6th Congressional District Call. Plurality language struck from Call.
Party Plan amendment will not take place today. Should know soon whether there will be guidance on the delegate lists.
Long meeting that went 5+ hours.
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