Bert Mizusawa to Challenge Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate

Bert Mizusawa has entered the Republican primary race for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat held by Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.

A retired major general with the U.S. Army Reserve, Mizusawa shared his announcement online (see video above). With the primary a mere three months away, he will need to grab some name recognition as he goes up against candidates Corey Stewart, former LG candidate E.W. Jackson, Delegate Nick Freitas, and military veteran/businessman Ivan Raiklin.

Petitions are being circulated as Mizusawa works toward having his name on the Republican primary ballot. U.S. Senate candidates must turn in 10,000 signatures by the end of the month from qualified Virginia voters with at least 400 signatures from each congressional district.  

I have heard glowing comments about Mizusawa from a number of people so asked a young millennial friend what his thoughts were on this latest candidate. He wrote:

While Bert Mizusawa’s biography is a shining example of leadership and represents among the best our country has to offer – making him more than qualified for the position – I would also offer the observation that he stands alone in this field as being capable of unifying and inspiring a deflated GOP coming off a very difficult loss last year and an unfavorable political environment.

While his candidacy might be capable of locking up support from one currently unfilled lane, which gives him a tactical advantage, his biography and philosophy speak to every corner of the party. He isn’t “establishment.” He isn’t “Tea Party.” He isn’t “libertarian.” He isn’t “Christian evangelical.” He isn’t “populist.”

General Mizusawa is a battle-tested leader who represents the finest our nation has to offer, whose Reagan Republican philosophy is capable of speaking to every corner of this party, and importantly, without alienating any lane.

How long has it been since Virginia Republicans had a statewide contender who wasn’t seen as a factional leader?

I think that is the appeal of this candidacy. If Mizusawa is the nominee then no faction of the GOP will feel defeated by the primary. That is the unity and inspiration we desperately need right now.

Adding in something more anecdotal, from when he visited the General Assembly in February, the way in which he made his rounds really stood out to me.

Despite being a Major General who graduated first in his class at West Point, who graduated Harvard Law school, who advised the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who was honored by President Reagan for his stand against North Korean communism, and who advised President Trump on a strong national defense strategy which led to victories abroad and a safer homeland …

… this man, who was among the finest leaders in a building full of elected officials, spent most of the day listening to what other people had to say.

He wasn’t there to sing his own praises.

He wasn’t there to grind on people to support him.

He wasn’t there to be the aggressive self-promoter we expect from candidates.

When in a building full of people with more political wisdom than he, his primary goal was listening and absorbing that information.

He let others speak as he listened.

He never cut anyone off.

He never felt the need to repeatedly interject to make a point.

He never moved to make himself the center of conversation again if it got away from him.

How he conducted himself there that day was a sign of leadership.

I like that style of decision making. I think he will make a disciplined candidate who makes us proud.

Since 2004 Bert Mizusawa has been president of Paxcentric, Inc., a federally-registered Virginia consulting corporation he founded that provides professional consulting services for corporate and government decision makers. Read more about him here.

The Republican primary is June 12.

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