Signed, Sealed, Delivered?

After the revelations on February 11 about Fredy Burgos’ bigoted Facebook comments on February 3, RPV Chairman John Whitbeck said that he would push for Burgos to be removed from SCC.  Specifically, Whitbeck released a statement that said,

“I was informed of Mr. Burgos’ offensive and bigoted post the day after it occurred, and I immediately called Mr. Burgos and told him to remove it from Facebook and that he should resign from the State Central Committee without delay. If I had the power as Chairman to remove him I would have taken such action, and I support any effort taken to remove Mr. Burgos from all official Committees. Bigotry like what we saw in Mr. Burgos’ statements have no place in the Republican Party.”

Through multiple media outlets the next day, he stated his support for the State Central Committee (SCC) to remove Burgos through “the proper channels.

Here’s the process: the next SCC meeting is scheduled for March 24. In order to remove Burgos, one-third of the membership of the SCC must sign a resolution that outlines the reason or reasons why Burgos must be removed.  According to the list on RPV’s website, there are 82 members which comprise SCC, although it lists two seats as vacant.  Nevertheless, that means 27 members must sign such a resolution.

Then, there’s the next step. After charges have been proffered, Burgos is allowed thirty days to appear and defend himself.  After that, a two-thirds vote of the other members of the Official Committee is required for removal.

Considering that the vote for removal would theoretically take place on March 24, Burgos would need 30 days notice prior to the vote. February is a short month. That means the latest the petition would need to be signed and delivered is … February 23. That’s two days away. And it has already been ten days since Bearing Drift’s first post.

When Whitbeck appeared on the John Fredericks Show the follow morning, Fredericks said, “If you can’t muster two-thirds to oust this guy, let me tell you, John — you don’t have a Party. You’ve got nothing. To me, this thing is that serious, John.”  And he’s right. Two-thirds is what is needed to officially remove Burgos. However, that process can’t even happen until we get one-third of the members of SCC (27 members) to sign a petition about Burgos’ transgressions.  RPV has been relatively silent since the initial blowup.

Will the signature requirement be reached before the deadline?

Editor’s Note: RPV ED John Findlay reached out to correct the number of members of State Central. The article had initially listed the number as 84; the actual number is 82 with 2 vacancies to be filled (shortly) and one non-voting member.  Apologies for any confusion the previous number caused. The number of signatures needed for the petition remains the same: 27.

  • David Obermark

    Is a Jew going to be claimed to be a bigot just because he recommends voting for another Jew?

    Anybody who wishes to gain traction here faces me.

    • M. D. Russ

      There is a huge difference between recommending voting for another Jew and, as a member of the SCC, stating that Jews are not qualified to be Republican candidates for office. The former is cultural affinity. The latter is blind bigotry.

      And now I am facing you.

      • David Obermark

        I have not been exposed to where he said anything near to that. If you can quote where he said that, you win the debate.

    • old_redneck

      Okay, I am dropping my trousers, turning around, and bending over to face you. Now, pucker up, snowflake, and kiss my ass.

      • David Obermark

        Hey snowflake, what is coming out your backside does not smell any better than what comes out of your mouth, so you might as well pull them trousers up. Even if you are not embarrassed, others are embarrassed for you.

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