College Republicans Plan Diversity Outreach, Look to Future

College Republicans are the future of the Republican Party so it was encouraging to see how they are setting goals by extending a hand to diversity outreach. The Diversity Outreach Committee (DOC), led by CRFV Chairman Jacob Neff, will be three-fold: information, communication, and education.

Those goals fall in line with research by the Brookings Institute that was published in 2015:

Racial diversity will be the most defining and impactful characteristic of the millennial generation. Newly released 2015 Census data points to millennials’ role in transitioning America to the “majority minority” nation it is becoming.

Plainly, the millennial generation is ushering in the nation’s broader racial diversity. Overall, millennials are 55.8 percent white and nearly 30 percent “new minorities” (Hispanics, Asians and those identifying as two or more races). Back in 2000, when millennials were just beginning to impact demographics, this young adult age group was 63 percent white, whereas in 1990 it was 73 percent white.

Millennial Republicans are looking at a different world than their parents and grandparents, and they are acting proactively to the changing world around them.

Brookings concluded:

The emerging political division associated with the racial generation gap represents just one area where members of the diverse millennial generation are on the front lines of change. While racial inequality exists within this generation (white millennials are better educated and less susceptible to the forces of poverty than Hispanics and blacks), its members have embraced positive attitudes toward diversity more openly than their elders, and are responsible for much of the recent rise in interracial marriages.

As they move from young adulthood to middle age, millennials will serve as a demographic bridge between older, whiter generations and subsequent, more diverse generations. Their ability to assimilate, advocate, and become accepted will be key to the successful transition to a more racially diverse nation. Yes, millennials are worthy of attention. They are smart. They are creative. They are passionate about many issues. But the most defining characteristic of the members of this unique generation, as the country evolves demographically, is their racial diversity.

My hat’s off to this undertaking by Jacob and his fellow CRs around the Commonwealth. Below is the official press release.