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Of Vice and Men

As the Burgos controversy has continued this week after Bearing Drift shined a light on the egregious Facebook post [1] from two weeks ago, the moral bankruptcy of many Virginia Republicans continues to be astounding.

Let’s start with this gem below, since it ties so well into the Ginsberg-Hannigan controversy involving Burgos. Reagan George last night decides that he’s knows Mike Ginsberg’s schedule than Mike Ginsberg does, and publishes his expert analysis of a “potential time budget,” thus concluding that “Mike Ginsberg simply has very little time in any given week to turn FCRC around.”

Note, however, the subtle-not-so-subtle line of  “Religion Attendance” marking Saturday, just to remind everybody Ginsberg’s a Jew. With that blank white line all the way across the rest of the page leading up to it. You can’t make this stuff up.


Moving on…I guess posting quotes from famous dead people is all the rage to justify just about anything these days. Waverly Woods does that with Jefferson in her support of Burgos. It’s a pity that her Jefferson quote isn’t even real.

Thanks to the good people at Monticello, it literally took about two minutes of internet searching to see that this is listed as a “spurious quotation.” [2] Its earliest known appearance was in 1996.

Next up: Donnarae Wolters says that calling out Burgos is a “witch hunt” and Burgos “did nothing wrong” because another quote by John Jay backs up the other John Jay quote that Burgos used when he wrote his Facebook post.

As for this next one by Connie Stevens supporting Burgos? I’m just going to leave it right here.


And finally, the ramblings of Phil Bell.

The best part is the final paragraph in defense of Burgos:  “Nobody outside of this self-congratulating group sees anything but a story about a Republican bigot. No matter that he didn’t actually impugn anyone’s religion. No matter that he’s never done or said anything to be considered anti-Semitic. No, all you did is paint all of us as bigots. 

Okay, Phil. Keep telling yourself that. But remember, in 2016, Burgos faced widespread condemnation [3] for his remarks against Islam [4], which he called a “death cult organized by Satan” before comparing Muslims to Nazis and calling for a religious test for immigrants wishing to come to the United States.

Burgos stoked controversy again in 2017 with an appalling Facebook screed [3] in which he lamented a “cultural cleansing” directed against white people, which he said was a result of “Cultural Marxism,” a term derived from the anti-Semitic ravings of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, whose campaigns against “Cultural Bolshevism” laid the groundwork for the regime’s persecution of the Jewish people.

In it, Burgos took aim at interracial marriage, lamenting the “idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracial marry or adopt non-white children.”

He opined that “Cultural Marxism” – a term which anti-Semites have used as an attack against Jewish people – was “the greatest cancer in the Western world” which “must be cut out.”

Then there was the time over the summer when he went after Catholics.

Yes, this self-congratulating group has been calling for Burgos’ removal for bigoted comments since 2016  [5]and we will continue to do so. This is not leadership and does not represent Republican values. Burgos and his supporters ought to be ashamed. But, it seems that they are not.