Virginia Republican Leadership Responds to RPV State Central Member’s Anti-Jewish Comments

Almost two years ago Bearing Drift’s Editorial Board called for the removal of Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee member Fredy Burgos for spewing his bigoted views on multiple minorities. He was allowed to remain an active member of the party.

We were shocked but not surprised at his recent rantings about the GOP Republican chairman’s race in Fairfax County. On Sunday evening Bearing Drift published a post again calling for Burgos’ removal (see GOP’s Burgos Suggests Jews Shouldn’t Run for Office).

We are encouraged by State Party Chairman John Whitbeck‘s call for Burgos’ removal in a statement he issued Sunday evening:

“I was informed of Mr. Burgos’ offensive and bigoted post the day after it occurred, and I immediately called Mr. Burgos and told him to remove it from Facebook and that he should resign from the State Central Committee without delay. If I had the power as Chairman to remove him I would have taken such action, and I support any effort taken to remove Mr. Burgos from all official Committees. Bigotry like what we saw in Mr. Burgos’ statements have no place in the Republican Party.”

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA):

“Fredy Burgos and his bigoted, backwards views have no place in the Republican party — the party of Lincoln and Reagan.  It is long past time for him to step aside from any official Republican position and I call on him to resign his Virginia State Central Committee position immediately.”

Pat Herrity, Springfield District Supervisor, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors:

“Freddy Burgos and his racist, bigoted views and writings have no place the Republican party.  It is way past time to remove him from his positon on State Central Committee and FCRC Chairman Candidate Tim Hannagan’s campaign as he does not reflect the views or principles of the Republican party in Fairfax or Virginia. It is my hope that if he fails to resign immediately that the State Central Committee and Tim Hannigan will move expeditiously to remove him.”

It would be nice to see other Republican leaders step to the plate and call for Burgos’ removal, and anyone else who spews this bigotry.

UPDATE #1: Statements from Republican leaders around the Commonwealth:

Jacob Neff, Chairman, College Republican Federation of Virginia:

“Yesterday Mr. Fredy Burgos, a leader on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee, made an unacceptable comment which implied that choosing to support a Christian candidate over a non-Christian candidate was “not bigoted,” but rather a “preference and a duty we are allowed.” While this comment alone was shocking, I would be remiss if I did not remind others that Mr. Burgos’ comments yesterday are the most recent in a long string of inappropriate, inflammatory, and downright disgusting remarks. Today, on the birthday of our 16th President Abraham Lincoln, I once again find myself imagining the future the Republican Party and the conservative movement as a whole. What will the party of Lincoln look like in twenty, ten, five, or even two years’ time? Who will be our representatives, and what values will they champion?

“While we cannot see the future, I am certain in the fact that every racist remark spoken from a role of authority in our party is step in the opposite direction and a monumental roadblock to the progress we all work so hard to achieve. The loudest voice in the room may be the most ignorant and ill-informed, but when a collective decision is made by those who know better to remain quiet, allowing that voice to represent them, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

“I strongly condemn, with every ounce of my power as the Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Virginia, the recent comments made by a leader of our own party, Mr. Burgos. Further, I call upon Mr. Burgos to submit his resignation and acknowledge the effect that his divisive and anti-Semitic comments towards Mr. Ginsberg of Fairfax County.”

Ron Meyer, Loudoun County Supervisor:

“He should resign and never should have been elected in the first place.”

Richard McCarty, SCC rep from VA-11 who serves alongside Burgos:

“No, there is no Christian duty to oppose candidates of other religions. But it is the duty of party leaders to avoid reckless comments that embarrass the party. It’s time for Fredy to resign.”

John Cook, Fairfax supervisor:

“Agree. Burgos must go.”

Scott Lingamfelter, former Delegate:

“Hit the ejection button on Mr. Burgos. No place for this in any party”

Kishore Thota, State Chairman, Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV):

“The bigoted words and views of Fredy Burgos are inexcusable and have no place in the Republican Party. As Republicans, we advocate for economic diversity in supporting free markets, because they spur innovation, progress, and societal advancement. Likewise, diversity within the Republican Party is something to be embraced and valued. Burgos has been permitted to remain within our ranks of leadership for far too long already. Today, I call upon all members of the RPV’s State Central Committee to join Chairman Whitbeck, Congresswoman Comstock, Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity, and myself in calling for his resignation or involuntary removal.”

Fairfax GOP leaders respond

The leaders of the Republican Party in Fairfax County named below hereby call for the immediate resignation or removal of Fredy Burgos from his positions on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia and the Eleventh Congressional District Republican Committee.  His recent social media post, asserting that only Christians should be supported for leadership positions in the Republican Party, is indefensible and repugnant to every one of us.  (For report on Mr. Burgos’s post, go here.)

The Republican Party has always stood for the right of all Americans to worship as they see fit, and the right of Americans of every creed to run for public office as well as offices within our Party.  At no time has the Party stood for religious bigotry of any kind.  Furthermore, because the Party also stands for the rule of law and the supremacy of the United States Constitution, the Republican Party rejects the application of any religious test for any office.

Mr. Burgos may have the right to his private views, but when he accepted Party office he gave up the right to besmirch the reputation of the Republican Party and its members in this manner.

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck called on Mr. Burgos to resign immediately after the post was first made.  Mr. Burgos refused, and Party leaders have begun the formal process required to remove Mr. Burgos.  Nonetheless, any further delay is unacceptable.  Mr. Burgos must go, and we call on every Republican in Fairfax County to denounce his statement and demand his immediate resignation.

Kevin Gentry
Eastern Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia

Jill Cook
Secretary, Republican Party of Virginia

Sandy Liddy Bourne
State Central Committee representative from the 8th Congressional District

Puneet Ahluwalia
State Central Committee representative from the 10th Congressional District

Richard McCarty
State Central Committee representative from the 11th Congressional District

Erika Dyer
Young Republican Federation of Virginia State Central Committee Representative and Chairman, Fairfax Area Young Republicans

Matt Ames
Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Linda Bartlett
Virginia Federation of Republican Women State Central Committee Representative

Ryan Rauner
State Central Committee representative from the 11th Congressional District

Mary Campbell
10th District Representative, Fairfax County Republican Committee

David Bobb
Secretary, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Jack Koltisko
George Mason College Republicans Chairman & Former State Central Member

Anne Erickson
2nd-Vice Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Nancy Krakover
Events Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Paul Bolon
Providence District Chair, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Diana Banister
Republican Party of Virginia Eastern District Vice Chairwoman

Joe Underwood
General Counsel and former FCRC Chairman

Susan Valentine
Lee District Chair

UPDATE #2 — 2/12/18: John Whitbeck was a guest on John Fredericks’ radio show Monday morning continuing to call for Fredy Burgos’ removal. Good interview well worth the 9.5 minutes:

UPDATE #3: Burgos Responds

UPDATE #4: John Cook, Fairfax Supervisor, issued an expanded statement:

“Last night I was outraged and disgusted to read on Twitter about the latest racist comments by Fredy Burgos, who serves on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia and on the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee. Mr. Burgos posted a statement on Facebook indicating that the selection of the next Chair of the Fairfax County Republican Committee should be based on religion, i.e., that a Christian candidate be favored over a Jewish candidate, on the basis of religion alone.

“John Whitbeck, the Chair of the Republican Party of Virginia, posted a message condemning Mr. Burgos and calling on him to resign from his party offices. I immediately posted my agreement with Mr. Whitbeck’s statement.

“Today, I see that Mr. Burgos has not only refused to resign, but has posted a defense of his bigoted statement. Mr. Burgos is a stain on the Republican Party, to say the least. His bigoted and racist behavior has embarrassed the Party for too long. But now, having advocated an unconstitutional religious test for Party office, he can no longer be allowed to serve in Party office. I believe the following actions are necessary:

(1) “The Republican Party of Virginia and the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee should take any possible actions to remove Mr. Burgos from membership.

(2) “The credentials committee for the upcoming Fairfax County Republican Committee and 11th Congressional District Republican Committee conventions should take all permitted actions to deny credentials to Mr. Burgos and bar him from attendance to these conventions.

(3) “All candidates for Republican Party office and for the Republican Party nomination to any elected office should bar Mr. Burgos from any participation in their campaigns.

“I want to assure all residents of Fairfax County that I and the Republican Party repudiate in the strongest possible terms the racism and bigotry espoused by Mr. Burgos. I will work with Republican Party officials and elected Republican leaders in Fairfax to take all possible actions to remove Mr. Burgos from any role within our Party and to assure the people of Fairfax County that our Party is open to all and that we condemn bigotry in all its forms.”

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