GOP’s Burgos Suggests Jews Shouldn’t Run for Office – UPDATED

UPDATE #1: Responses came in from Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, RPV Chairman John Whitbeck, and Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity. (See Virginia Republican Leadership Responds to RPV State Central Member’s Anti-Jewish Comments.)

UPDATE #2: Republican leaders from across the Commonwealth have responded (see statements at above link).

UPDATE #3: John Whitbeck on John Fredericks radio show.

UPDATE #4: Fredy Burgos responds.

UPDATE #5: Bearing Drift’s response to Tim Hannigan

UPDATE #6: The Republican Standard joins Bearing Drift calling for Burgos resignation.

UPDATE #7:  WTOPThe Washington TimesThe Washington PostInside NOVA, Yahoo News, Raw Story, VPAP News, The Hill, The Baltimore Post. Cleveland Jewish News.

Charlottesville’s Coy Barefoot radio show had guests Rick Sincere and Shaun Kenney discussing this issue around the 15:00 mark.


In a stunning rebuke of Virginia’s Jeffersonian ideals, Republican Party leader Fredy Burgos took to Facebook in support of a religious test for party office, attacking one candidate for his Jewish faith as part of what Burgos called a “duty” to oppose non-Christians running for office.

Burgos, who represents the 11th district on the party’s State Central Committee, directed his remarks against Mike Ginsberg, a Jewish Republican running for the chairmanship of the Fairfax County Republican Committee against opponent Tim Hannigan, for whom Burgos serves as a campaign organizer and advisor.

Prefacing his comment with “MAKE FAIRFAX GREAT AGAIN,” a slogan adopted by campaigners for Hannigan which Burgos had printed on red hats given out to campaign supporters, the party activist with a history of controversial remarks explained his opposition to Ginsberg’s candidacy on religious grounds, writing that, “Having a preference for Christians over non-Christians as political leaders is not bigoted.”

“It is a preference and a duty we are allowed,” continued Burgos, before closing by quoting Chief Justice John Jay, in writing, “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is their duty, as well as privilege and interest, of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

The shocking comment is not new territory for Burgos, whose attacks against Muslims, interracial marriage, refugees, Catholics, and Methodists have attracted nationwide attention and garnered condemnation from all corners of the party.

In 2016, Burgos faced widespread condemnation for his remarks against Islam, which he called a “death cult organized by Satan” before comparing Muslims to Nazis and calling for a religious test for immigrants wishing to come to the United States.

Burgos stoked controversy again in 2017 with an appalling Facebook screed in which he lamented a “cultural cleansing” directed against white people, which he said was a result of “Cultural Marxism,” a term derived from the anti-Semitic ravings of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, whose campaigns against “Cultural Bolshevism” laid the groundwork for the regime’s persecution of the Jewish people.

In it, Burgos took aim at interracial marriage, lamenting the “idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracial marry or adopt non-white children.”

He opined that “Cultural Marxism” – a term which anti-Semites have used as an attack against Jewish people – was “the greatest cancer in the Western world” which “must be cut out.”

In 2018, Burgos’ long history of bigoted remarks figured prominently in the nationally-reported resignation of former Republican Kyle McDaniel, who served alongside Burgos on the party’s State Central committee prior to his departure.

In announcing his resignation, McDaniel wrote:

“I held my tongue when Fredy Burgos called Muslims ‘savages’ and Islam a ‘death cult created by satan’, claimed that interracial adoption and marriage is a threat to western culture, claimed that calling refugees ‘human’ ‘is a stretch’, characterized Catholics as worshipers of false idols, and claimed that Methodists are ‘humanists’ doomed to hell.”

Far from being a faceless Internet troll, Burgos serves on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee and ran with the party’s nomination and financial support for the Virginia House of Delegates against Jewish Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn in 2013. It remains unclear whether he campaigned against Delegate Filler-Corn on similar grounds or whether he thought her unfit to serve on account of her faith.

In campaigning against Ginsberg, Burgos never implied the aspiring chairman would be incapable of doing the job, just that his Jewish faith runs afoul of what Burgos sees as a religious test for party office.

Ginsberg has been a volunteer leader with the Fairfax GOP for over a decade. He holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Harvard University, a masters degree in aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford University, and a law degree from Harvard Law School.

To many Republicans, Ginsberg’s background reflects the character of the county: educated, professional, and civically-engaged. That didn’t factor into Burgos’ calculation, which disqualified Ginsberg at the outset for being Jewish.

In an earlier Facebook post from December 6th, Burgos took aim at Ginsberg in support of Hannigan, lamenting those who do not share his cultural values before asking Fairfax Republicans to #WinAgainWithHannigan and #SmashCulturalMarxism.


The week before that, he showed off a box of red hats emblazoned with the campaign slogan “MAKE FAIRFAX GREAT AGAIN” which he used to open his post invoking a religious test to the exclusion of Jews in the race.

To be clear, there is no indication that Burgos’ preferred candidate shares his views or support of a religious test for party office which would exclude his Jewish opponent from consideration. However, given the close connection between the two, these comments threaten to undermine Republican efforts to grow the party and reverse a trend of decline which saw Democrat Ralph Northam capture 68% of the county’s vote for governor in last November’s general election.

To remain effective if he wins the chairman’s post, Hannigan needs to swiftly distance himself from the bigoted attacks on his opponent by denouncing Fredy Burgos, decline any assistance from him or his supporters, and immediately join in calls for Burgos to be removed from SCC.

The idea of a religious test for office runs counter to ideals of religious liberty, which were most notably laid down by Thomas Jefferson, author of Virginia’s Statute for Religious Freedom. Jefferson’s law would later serve as the inspiration for the No Religious Test Clause of the United States Constitution, which declares that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

Ten years earlier, in penning the landmark law protecting religious liberty, Jefferson said:

“That therefore the proscribing any citizen as unworthy the public confidence, by laying upon him an incapacity of being called to offices of trust and emolument, unless he profess or renounce this or that religious opinion, is depriving him injuriously of those privileges and advantages, to which, in common with his fellow citizens, he has a natural right.”

In attacking Ginsberg’s Jewish faith, Burgos has done exactly that which Jefferson found so deeply offensive to tolerance and liberty and so injurious to the governance of a constitutional republic which sought to elevate capable leaders on their merits.

If Republicans share these precepts, they will swiftly bury Fredy’s disgraceful political career, and the long string of hateful remarks which have come to define it, in a hole so dark and deep that these wretched and abhorrent views might never rise to soil the party or this nation’s public life ever again.

Fredy Burgos must resign immediately.

If he does not, Republicans have a duty to cut out this cancer.

The time has come for leaders to either side with the party’s highest ideals and the man who prohibited religious tests for candidates, or else they side with the hateful demagogue who spits on Jefferson’s legacy in their name.

Also from Bearing Drift….

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  • old_redneck

    Oh, please. Stop it with the faux outrage. Your own state party chair is notorious for us Jewish jokes. The GOP embraces the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwelll along with a boatload of theocratic biblethumpers who openly advocate for a nation based on the Protestant bible. This guy is typical and f the Republican Party – it’s just that he is open about his bigotry.

    • Turbocohen

      Old_Red.., The chair never told an offensive Jewish joke, I laughed. He was introducing another jewish guy. No foul..

      Burgos on the other hand.. a pox on Fairfax GOP.

    • Jim Portugul

      I’m still waiting for you to tell me why the Democrats passed the Republican budget last week in the House. The Republicans own budget that they themselves refused to pass?????

      I ain’t at all happy about that one.

  • Turbocohen

    Bearing Drift failed to mention that Chairman Whitbeck demanded that Burgos resign. #IStandWithWhitbeck

    • Stephen Spiker

      When did this happen?

      • Turbocohen

        The chairman demanded he resign.

        • Kyle McDaniel

          never happened. And if it did please post proof to the contrary. An actual demand of resignation. Not half ass “I disagree” nonsense.

          • Turbocohen

            As you wish..

            Date: February 8, 2018 at 3:49:20 PM EST
            To: Matt Ames

            Chairman Ames,

            Thank you for your email. I want you to know that when I saw the post I called Fredy Burgos and requested he resign immediately. I agree with you the post is unacceptable and not the first time Fredy has said things that have no place in our Party.

            As you know I have no power to remove Fredy from the State Central Committee (SCC). That would require a vote of the 11th District Committee or the SCC. I am in the process of consulting with our Executive Committee as to what they want to do and then I will get back to you promptly.

            I sincerely hope Fredy do the honorable thing and resign from all official committees. If he does not, please note that I will support an action to have him removed if that’s what the 11th District or the SCC decides that’s what they want to do.


            John Whitbeck, Chairman
            Republican Party of Virginia

          • Kyle McDaniel

            So nothing public. More smoke and mirrors horse crap? Got it. If John wanted to deal with the issue he’d place an agenda item on the next SCC meeting agenda and force a vote on his removal and/or censure. Until that happens, it’s a load of crap.

          • Turbocohen

            Kyle, have you spoke with the chair yet? Has 11th district taken action? If not, what’s holding them back?

          • Kyle McDaniel

            I’m not a GOP anymore and the last time I went around this block it was a bunch of horse poo poo smoke and mirrors. If Whitbeck has changed his tune, I’m glad. Until I see clear, public, forceful condemnation and an effort led by him to expel burgos, I’m not buying into anything.

            It’s not complicated, put an item on the agenda and force a vote.

          • Turbocohen

            Dude, Burgos fucked a goat this round.

          • Kyle McDaniel

            So …wait…attacking illegal immigrants? Meh. Attacking legal immigrants? Meh. Attacking Muslims? Meh. Attacking Catholics? Meh. Attacking Muslims again? Meh. Attacking people who adopt babies of a different race? Meh. Attacking people who marry someone of a different race? Meh Attacking Methodists? Meh.

            Attacking Jewish people? OMG you’ve crossed a line!!!!

            Got it…

          • Turbocohen

            Kyle, This Jew been blocked by Burgos so long I don’t see what he posts. This is strike 3 or 4 for Fredy. Tel me why the 11th committee keeps sending this pig vomit spewing member that they elected back to SCC?

          • Kyle McDaniel

            Yeah I mean that’s all great but the party needs to grow a pair. Like i said, I’m not holding my breath, and I find the recent condemnations by leaders to be hollow and self serving. Since Fredy now appears to be a liability, they’re willing to find some backbone and deal with him.

          • Turbocohen

            Again, Kyle, what is keeping 11th members from removing him? The Chairman has to follow rules. If the rules permitted him to remove this would have been over.

          • Kyle McDaniel

            1) the obfuscation here is typical lawyer nonsense. Not all that surprising that rpv is playing the lawyer game.

            2) there is debate as to whether a district committee can remove an scc member.

            3) if Whitbeck actually cared, he’d force a vote at SCC and be done. In fact In the party plan it outlines a procedure for removal which includes an SCC vote.

          • Turbocohen

            A recall vote takes quorum?

          • Kyle McDaniel

            Here’s what I know. If Whitbeck wanted something done he’d send a letter to Chairman Prados (Not lame Duck Matt Ames) and outline EXACTLY how Fredy can be removed and Would note his support for said removal.

            But playing the “well they have to do it because I’m powerless” game is a bunch of crap. Grow a pair and do something.

          • David Eggleston

            Why are we waiting for the 11th to do it? Does anyone at RPV realize that politics is the art of perception? Good grief!

          • Stephen Spiker

            Thank you. I’m glad to see this, and hope the Chairman’s letter goes public.

          • Turbocohen

            It’s public, right here on Bearing Drift. Copy and circulate at will.

          • Stephen Spiker

            No offense, but a comment reply buried under a blog post by a pseudonym is not “public”. This is not an official communication.

        • Stephen Spiker

          I’m asking, when did this happen?

  • Turbocohen

    Did Bearing Drift call RPV and do any due diligence before reporting on this? I think your anti-RPV is showing.

    • Bearingdrift Moderator

      You’ve got the bias backwards. RPV has consistently called Bearing Drift “#fakenews” in recent months.

      • Turbocohen

        Lynn or whichever of you are posting as BD mod, BD has been anti trump and anti RPV for a while now. Time for beer and a hot dog.

  • David Eggleston

    Gosh. I’m glad things have gotten to the point where Whitbeck & Co. are privately censuring Burgos, a public bigoted loudmouth, through backchannels. ?

    • Lee Pillsbury

      All we actually have is an email to Matt Ames where Whitbeck claims to have requested Fredy resign. I’ll trust Turbo that the email is real.

      • Turbocohen

        100% genuine. It was a reply to Matt Ames. 11th has to make the move to rather remove or own their support for Burgos.

        • David Eggleston

          No, they don’t. SCC can remove members.

          • Turbocohen

            If the 11th won’t then it’s up to SCC.

          • Stephen Spiker

            The 11th can’t. It’s up to SCC.

            It would be unwise to empower the district committees to be able to overrule the voters at a convention by simply removing anyone they don’t like. It requires a 2/3rds vote at State Central to ensure its only used in justified circumstances.

          • Turbocohen

            They need signatures from 1/3 to bring it to the front burner. Rumor has it they may already have them…

  • Jim LeMunyon

    but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States. Article VI, Section 3

    • Jim Portugul

      That’s pure BS. The only way SCOTUS could ever end up with 6 catholics and 3 jews is with a religious test. But, you didn’t even know that.

  • Eric McGrane

    The content does not match the title. Sensationalist click-bait nonsense. You can condemn his comments, but don’t fabricate things.

  • Richard Statman

    Agree with Mr Spiker
    It is my understanding to remove a SCC member
    One need to bring a petition , signed by 1/3 members of
    The SCC stating the charges …notice must be given.
    The member gets 30 days to dispute the charges ,
    A vote of the entire SCC must be taken , a 2/3 majority
    Must be reached,
    No confidence in that happening .

    • Stephen Spiker

      I have every confidence in our party leaders to address this once enough awareness was drawn to it. This has been a two year struggle to simply get people to pay attention. I feel, though, a corner has been turned.

      • Richard Statman

        Fine, I am willing to go with your judgement.
        I would hope the RPV, or the SCC can leverage
        This person without going through a long process.
        However if Mr. Burgos wants to take center stage
        In a new version of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”
        That would be his choice.

      • mark Jawsz

        Yep. He jumped the shark all right.

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  • Scott Lingamfelter

    Hit the ejection button on Mr. Burgos. No place for this in any party…

    • David Obermark

      Are you also going to hit the eject button on all the Evangelical Christian Republicans who are amongst the most active and loyal of Republican voters? Have you traveled to dark Red states and listened to what is broadcast on Christian radio stations? Mr Burgos fits right in with the majority of what is broadcast.

      By the way, Evangelical Christians evidently will still show up at the polls to vote for the Republican even if their preferred candidate loses the primary. They showed up to vote for Donald Trump didn’t they?

      Will you argue that a Republican Jew will not at least give some degree of preference to the candidate in the election who is also Jewish? Evangelical Christians are not allowed to do the same thing?

      By the way, if you tune in Christian radio, you will find them all to be unabashedly supportive of Israel. They will even quote scripture trying to convince others to be supportive as well. Instead of describing them as antisemitic, personally I would describe them as being prosemitic to a fault.

      • Jim Portugul

        Wait, a minute. Just who do you think you are? Don’t you know the truth is not allowed in here? Ha,ha,ha.

        Israel needs to get their AIPAC money out of our government and elections. I don’t give a damn what you call me for saying it. Evangelicals are so screwed up they can’t talk about why we have 6 catholics and 3 jews on SCOTUS. Not even one evangelical. The bible of evangelicals has become The National Enquirer. If an atheist runs for office republicans would wipe the floor with him/her.

        Talk about screwed up Hypocrites.

        • David Obermark

          I voted for Hillary even though on some positions I agreed with Donald. I was not a hypocrite for voting for Hillary, even if I strongly disagreed with her on some issues.

          One thing I wish to point towards as obvious. Hillary’s husband gave us a surplus towards paying off the national debt while he was President. Where is the national debt headed for with Donald in charge?

          • Jim Portugul

            I didn’t vote for the new “Teflon Don”, nor Hillary. I am proud of my write in vote. However, if Hillary were pres, we would be in far better longterm financial condition, as the republicans would block all the big spending of the democrats. Nothing would move in congress, and we would still have stability. Trump is nothing but a dirty ole’ man, a liar, and blow hard. He destroys everyone around him.

            Regarding Russian campaign interference. One must always remember that we started this whole election hacking situation by interfering in other countries elections. Not only did the US interfere in Russian elections, but many other countries. We showed Russia how to topple governments by using social media such as Facebook. And now, our own dirty tricks are being pissed back on us.

            The “teflon Don”/republican increased military spending will lead to an arms build up with both Russia and China. Nobody will win in the end. The “teflon Don”/republican government is beyond stupid.

          • Turbocohen

            You voted for Hillary, David..

    • Former NY’er

      Is there any place in the Party for women who prefer female candidates just because of their gender? How about blacks favoring Barack Hussein Obama with 98% voting for him? How about former military men preferring other military members over non military? Is any of that OK in your party? Do you hate Latinos because you want Burgos out?

  • John D. Horton

    Burgos for US president. This is the guy we need to clean house in the US:
    — send the Africans and anyone else back to Africa if they have committed a felony (40% of the USA African male population has a felony conviction. ),
    — send the Jews back to Israel if they are involved in any Communist / subversive activity like the Rothchild’s and Soros funding every Leftist movement around the world.

    Close all federal and state prisons in the US and reopen them in Africa. Convicted felons = US citizenship is revoked.

    Communist division within a society is propagandized by Jewish groups (which hide their identities) such as:

    — Southern Poverty Law Center,

    — American Civil Liberties Union,

    — Black Lives Matter (funded by Soros),

    — Antifa (funded by Soros),

    — BAMN (funded by Soros),

    — Anti-Defamation League,

    — (Hebrew) Immigrant Aid Society,

    — International Rescue Committee etc.

    Bibliography of the Jews as the destroyers, via Communism, of White, Christian societies as revenge for historical anti-Semitism and the Holocaust:

    — After the revolution : studies in the contemporary Jewish American imagination

    — Cultural insurrections : essays on Western civilization, Jewish influence, and anti-semitism

    — The culture of critique : an evolutionary analysis of Jewish involvement in twentieth-century intellectual and political movements

    — Cutting through the mountain : interviews with South African Jewish activists

    — The devil that never dies : the rise and threat of global antisemitism

    — The devil’s pleasure palace the cult of critical theory and the subversion of the West

    — East End Jewish radicals, 1875-1914

    — Essential papers on Jews and the Left

    — Followers of the trail : Jewish working-class radicals in America

    — The impact of the 1919-20 Red scare on American Jewish life

    — The international Jewish Labor Bund after 1945 : toward a global history…

    — Jewish and Russian revolutionaries exiled to Siberia, 1901-1917

    — Jewish radicalism: a selected anthology

    — Jewish radicals : from Czarist stetl to London ghetto

    — The Jewish revolutionary spirit : and its impact on world history… (discusses Rothchild and Soros-type sponsorship of subversive activities against European / Christian countries throughout history)

    — Jews and the left

    — Jews and the left : the rise and fall of a political alliancehttps://lccn.loc.go…

    — Jews and revolution in nineteenth-century Russia

    — Jews, labour and the left, 1918-48

    — The making of Jewish revolutionaries in the Pale of Settlement

    — Of Moses and Marx : folk ideology and folk history in the Jewish labor movement

    — On socialists and “the Jewish question” after Marx

    — Pale of the Settlement : working-class Jewish youth and adoption of revolutionary identity during the 1905 revolution

    — Prophecy and politics : socialism, nationalism, and the Russian Jews, 1862-1917

    — The prophetic minority : American Jewish immigrant radicals, 1880-1920

    — Remember to dream : a history of Jewish radicalism

    — Revolutionary Jews from Marx to Trotsky

    — Revolutionary Yiddishland : a history of Jewish radicalism

    — The triumph of Israel’s radical right

    — Trotsky : fate of a revolutionary

    — While Messiah tarried : Jewish socialist movements, 1871-1917

    Jewish Holocaust propaganda: “…since 1945, over 150 feature films have been made about “the Holocaust” while the number of films that have been made about the genocide of millions of Eastern Europeans (i.e. Armenians and Ukranians) can be counted on one hand — and none have been produced by Hollywood. – “”

    The progression of young Jews from religious fanaticism to political fanaticism was often a psychologically seamless process, with the Messianic creed of Marxism being grafted, without much difficulty, onto traditional Jewish paradigms. … Jews naturally welcomed the February Revolution of 1917 which led to the abolition of all legal restrictions on Jews starting with the Pale of Settlement. –

    • Stephen Spiker

      As Mr. Burgos was born in Canada, he would be unable to run for President.

      • John D. Horton

        That did not stop the following people from running for US President:

        — Senator Ted Cruz: Born in Canada,
        — Senator Marco Rubio: His parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth.
        — President Obama: His father (i.e. the alleged Kenyan father) was not a US citizen at the time of President BHO’s birth.

        Citizenship requirement for the parents of US presidents:

        Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution sets the following qualifications for holding the presidency:
        — “be a natural-born citizen of the United States” which appears to mean that both your parents are US citizens at the time of your birth regardless of the location of your birth.

        • M. D. Russ

          Your ignorance is astonishing. The Article II “natural born citizen” requirement has always been upheld by law and by court decision to mean you meet the requirement if one of your parents (not necessarily both) was a US citizen when you were born, jus sanguinis, or that you were born in the US, jus soli.

          I understand that there are a couple of vacancies in the Trump White House right now. You should apply–you would fit right in there.

          • Jim Portugul

            So, this is what it takes to get you to come out of Comstock’s office for some fresh air. Get any “Teflon Don” cash from the tax cuts for the rich, to fertilize your grapes with?


        • old_redneck

          John McCain, born in Panama

          • John D. Horton

            McCain was born on a US military base in Panama to both USA citizen parents.

          • Jim Portugul

            What is far more important than where one is actually born is where the likes of a Clinton or Trump can spin the media to place a seed of doubt. A seed of doubt that has enough of the stink that the base just loves the smell of, that convinces them in the air between their ears that one was born in say Africa, and not Hawaii.

        • Chris k

          George Washington born in an English colony to English parents

      • Downstater

        He was born in, I think, Chile, Latin America.

        • Stephen Spiker

          Hmm, perhaps you are correct.

        • Former NY’er

          FYI, Chile is in SOUTH America. Where is Latin America?

      • Jim Portugul

        Where were you born?

  • Turbocohen
  • Turbocohen

    Who is posting as Bearing Drift Moderator?

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  • mark Jawsz

    This guy makes ME look like Ghandi. And that is saying a lot. I am not a religious Jew, in fact even though I was born Jewish I am a practicing Catholic, but I do know MANY members “of the tribe” who are stalwart and principled Republicans and adherers to Judaism. This remark has to be one of the dumbest ever.

  • Downstater

    This is pretty much going to finish off Hannigan. I wondered how long it would be before Burgos uses Mike Ginsberg’s religion/ethnicity against him, given the stuff Freddy has come out with in the past and his evangelical crusade and attitude.

    For those of you that do not know, Freddy is from Chile originally. Not that that automatically makes him an antisemite, but Latin America in general is not really full of Jeffersonian ideals.

  • Ira lechner

    The real issue here is not Burgos’ prejudice but why Hannigan selected Burgos in the first place;why Hannigan did not immediately reject Burgos and condemn his views; why the Fairfax Republican Party has sat idly by for YEARS without condemning these views????Amazing complicity!

    • Linus MacAlistair Stallman

      I’ve made this point for months. Republicans just didn’t want to deal with this particular problem because the Alt-Right was giving them money and votes. It’s super problematic.

    • Bearing Drift has been calling for his resignation or removal since June of 2016.

  • Harder and harder to be a Republican. Very sad.

  • Linus MacAlistair Stallman

    Out, out, out! Down with fascism!

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  • Ira Lechner

    Are you all saying you that the Republican convention in FairfaxCounty no less can’t get 2/3rds in a heartbeat to oust this guy? Wow why don’t you guys just quit?

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  • desertstraw

    Somebody should tell Burgos that by law passed unanimously by the Senate during the presidency of John Adams this is not a Christian nation.

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  • old_redneck

    Just read an interview with Burgos in which he identifies himself as an “evangelical Christian.” That explains it.

  • Alyssa Freeman

    Reagrdless of the idiocy and anti-Semitism of Burgos, why is there a picture of Paul Reverse at the top of the article?

  • old_redneck

    All the crocodile tears being shed here about Burgos or whatever his name is . . . this doctored image was posted today by the SULLY DISTRICT REPUBLICANS.

    I grew up in Wilkinson County, MS, in the 1950s when the county — actually, the state — was ruled by the KKK. I know the Klan when I see it. And every time I look at a Republican, I see a Klansman.

    • Former NY’er

      Put the moonshine down, mister.

  • old_redneck

    Allow me to remind everyone of something.

    Reagan was born and reared in Illinois. He want to California to seek his
    fortune. In 1980, after he was nominated as the GOP Presidential
    candidate, he had to make his first speech as the candidate.

    Where did he make that speech:
    1. In Illinois, celebrating mom, home, and apple pie, or,
    2. California, celebrating opportunity.

    It’s a trick question. Neither. He made his first speech as the
    candidate in Neshoba County, Mississippi — home of Philadelphia, MS,
    scene of one of the most heinous lynchings of the civil rights era.

    And that, my friends, is all we need to know about Republicans.

    Reagan’s speech at the Neshoba County Fair.

    Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman murdered,_Goodman,_and_Schwerner

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