Channeling Hillary: Democrat RD Huffstetler’s Situational Southern Drawl

First, there was Hillary Clinton, believing that a situational (i.e. phony) southern accent was a potential vote-winning gold mine.

Although Hillary’s translucent efforts to assimilate were widely mocked, she has persisted in the attempted deception in order to further political ends.

Now, comes Roger Dean (aka RD) Huffstetler.

He’s competing with four fellow Democrats for Virginia’s Fifth District congressional seat nomination—and the right to challenge incumbent Republican, Tom Garrett. Money-wise, RD is the odds-on party favorite, with nearly $850,000 in campaign funds raised thus far (including $500 from “Albert Gore”).

Like John (aka “General”) Douglas before him, RD is highlighting his military bona fides, in order to appear “conservative” enough for district voters.

Like Tom Perriello before him, RD is playing up the “aw shucks” roll-up-your-sleeves folksy factor, in order to convince rural district voters that he’s their man.

And, like Hillary Clinton before him, RD Huffstetler is putting on reverse cultural airs.

In his latest promotional video, “Best I Can,” Roger Dean tells his life story to the camera—replete with references to grandmother “Mama Sue’s” farm—in a soft, but distinct southern twang.

It’s all very convincing, until you watch RD’s 2013 Zillabyte video presentation, in which he addresses a tech-savvy audience on technical subjects. Here, where the assembled might perceive a drawl differently, RD’s twang is far less pronounced.

So, which RD Huffstettler—if either—is the “Real Deal”? Watch the Schilling Show’s expository “Channeling Hillary” video, and you be the judge.

  • Downstater

    Another phony crap-ass Demoncrat. No. That is not a typo.

  • DJRippert

    Pity the district doesn’t include Loudoun County. Democrats seem pretty sure there are a lot of Hillbillies there. Maybe that accent would have swayed some voters.

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