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Shake-up at RPV? Second Employee Leaves This Week – UPDATED

UPDATE 2/5/2018: RPV announced on Monday that John “B.T.” March will be the new Communications Director. March, a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, formerly served as the Legislative Correspondent for Congressman Tom Garrett (VA-05). He may be reached for press inquires at 540.460.6242 [1] and [email protected].

David D’Onofrio is gone as communications director at the Republican Party of Virginia. On Friday he tweeted:

It has been a fun (and interesting) 3 years as Comms Director for RPV. Alas, it is time for me to move along. Thank you to Chairman @JohnWhitbeck for all the great adventures.

Political director John Vick left Thursday [2]. Now David D’Onofrio. Coincidence? Or is there some kind of shake-up going on at RPV?

Update #1: Anyone remember the Valentine’s Day Massacre [3] that I wrote about in February 2015? John Whitbeck, who is still chairman of RPV, had his chopping block in place for employees that included then-Executive Director Shaun Kenney. Déjà vu?

Update #2: Written after the horrific GOP losses in November 2017: Does RPV Deserve Blame for Bloody Tuesday Losses? [4]