Freshman Del. Emily Brewer’s First Bill Passes in House

Suffolk’s newest representative in the Virginia House of Delegates is off to a good start with the passage of her first bill in the 2018 General Assembly session.

Delegate Emily Brewer’s House Bill 241 had unanimous bipartisan support Wednesday when the House passed it 98-0. The bill lowers the amount of time a child must have continuously resided with or been under the physical custody of the prospective close relative adoptive parent from three years to two years for the adoption proceeding to commence in circuit court and be exempt from the parental placement provisions.

It is an issue near and dear to Brewer’s heart. “I was adopted as a newborn, and I’m thankful that I found a loving family,” she said. “My goal with this legislation and going forward is to make the adoption system easier to navigate, so that others can have the same opportunities that I did.”

She added, “During the 2017 campaign, I promised that adoption reform would be my first priority. “I am thankful to my colleagues in the House of Delegates for standing with me on such an important issue.”

Brewer, a Republican who represents the 64th District that includes portions of Isle of Wight, Surry, Sussex, Suffolk City, Franklin City, Southampton, and Prince George, was elected to the House of Delegates in November 2017.

HB 241 will now move to the Senate for further consideration.

  • old_redneck

    Meanwhile, the Senate passed a bill introduced by Sen. A. Benton Chafin Jr. (R-Russell) that will allow anyone who wants to carry a firearm into a church.

    When do we allow firearms to be carried on the floor of the General Assembly — Senate and House of Delegates? Seems fair.

    Of course, Jesus supported guns in church — you know — when he said “Blessed are the Peacemakers . . . ”

  • Jim Delta

    Stop trying to make Emily Brewer happen. She’s not going to happen.

  • old_redneck

    Will Congresswoman Barbara Comstock donate to charity the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions she’s received from Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Meehan, who used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment suit leveled against him by a female staffer.

    Meehan, who has admitted to “lashing out” at the staffer when he heard she had a boyfriend and smothering her with long, unwanted hugs, has defended his abusive activities by claiming the subordinate was his “soul mate” who “specifically invited” his unwanted advances.

    Comstock, who just last month partnered with Meehan on “sexual harassment training” legislation, not only counts “Soul Mate” Meehan as a close political ally, but one of her most frequent campaign donors. “Soul Mate” Meehan has given Comstock money in all three of her congressional campaigns (including her currently troubled re-election effort) for a total of over $5,000.

    Comstock, who claims to be a leader in the fight against sexual harassment, has been deafeningly silent since the news broke detailing her donor’s predatory behavior. Comstock has not only refused to denounce “Soul Mate” Meehan, she has made no effort to return the thousands in campaign dollars he has lavished upon her over the years.

    The 99th Disgtrict Tea Party demands that Comstock immediately denounce “Soul Mate” Meehan and donate any and all monies she received from him to a foundation that helps women who have suffered at the hands of men like Congressman Meehan.

    Barbara Comstock, who we already know is too scared to hold a town hall with her own constituents, today has shown she lacks the courage to call out sexual harassment when it’s committed by a top political ally and campaign donor. Congressman Meehan used his power and influence to prey on one of his staffers and then silenced the staffer using taxpayer dollars. Congresswoman Comstock, who claims to be a champion for women, has been as quiet as a mouse when it comes to denouncing “Soul Mate” Meehan – who has given cash to every single one of her campaigns.

    Barbara Comstock has a simple choice: Is she for us or is she for Congressman Meehan? Is she against harassment or did she let the cash influence her? Is she in 2018 or is she back in 1958?”

  • Jim Portugul

    1) Who actually wrote the bill?
    2) Who wrote the checks to get it sponsored and passed?

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