Federal Shutdown Is Over, Government May Reopen Today

“We have gathered the largest bipartisan group ever to find a way to end the government shutdown.”

With those words Monday, Senator Dick Durbin addressed the Senate and added, “To the Dreamers … don’t give up!”

Earlier in the morning, Senator Susan Collins had told an impromptu press gaggle in the hallway on Capitol Hill that she was feeling very encouraged with progress. Flanked by Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. Lindsay Graham, she said 25 senators — mostly those from the middle of their parties — had been meeting over the weekend in her office, a bipartisan group working to come to an agreement to prevent the 2018 federal shutdown from entering a Day 4.

The Washington Post reported:

Democrats and independents emerging from a closed-door meeting said they would vote to end a filibuster, clearing the way for passage of the legislation that would keep the government open through Feb. 8.

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said they would vote with the Republicans.

The House was expected to back the measure later in the day.

Voting is taking place.

UPDATE 1:00pm: Senate vote to reopen federal government: Yay 81, Nay 18.

Now the spinning and finger-pointing begins on both sides.

  • mezurak

    So who was doing crap behind the curtain while these actor’s were shooting for an Oscar?

  • David Obermark

    My understanding is that the approval is contingent on action being taken in the short term to grant amnesty to Dreamers.

    OK, in exchange for amnesty for the kids, the parents must be deported. In addition, real steps must be taken to stem the tide of illegal immigrants.

    • Jim Portugul

      Not really, basically McConnell said he might bring it up after 2/8. Republicans/Trump ain’t going to pass any bill to let DAKA do whatever. McConnell can do whatever he wants. Ryan and Trump gave nothing.
      Republicans, Democrats, trump, already struck a deal a while back, limbaugh/hannity/ingle rejected it. The most amazing thing is that any country is even having a discussion on letting illegal immigrants stay inside its borders. You need to think about how stupid that is, and why we even waste time discussing something like that.

      This whole shut down was about giving trump a 1st anniversary present. Nothing else. Republicans held CHIP back for months just to use in this situation. DAKA under the current admin ain’t going anywhere. All the talk is just media feed. Democrats also gave up on Obamacare.

      Happy 1st anniversary Donald! Schumer stuck it to you, just like Russia, China, and that 3rd world banana dictator are doing.

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