Rep. Barbara Comstock Stops Salary During Government Shutdown

  • old_redneck


    She voted for the “tax reform” abortion.
    — 83% of benefits go to the top 1%
    — Corporate tax breaks are permanent while individual tax cuts expire in 3-8 years, resulting in higher taxes for 80% of us by 2027
    — If an employee is required to move, moving expenses are NOT deductible. If a corporation closes its facility, fires it workers, and moves to a foreign country, ALL EXPENSES associated with closing, firing, and moving out of the US are deductible.

    Throwing a few scraps to the masses will not work any longer.

    • Jim Portugul

      Mr. Redneck, just wanted to let you know of a new policy that I have recently enacted. Until further notice, I will no longer be able to write my valuable comments in response to those articles written by featured BD author Susan Sili, unless she will first agree to pay a per comment fee to some charitable organization.. I would suggest and hightly recommend said fee be payed to Planned Parenthood, however I may be persuaded to accept other organizations if I deem them worthy of the time and effort that I put into my writing.


      • old_redneck

        I suspect Planned Parenthood is not permitted to be spoken of at the Sili Plantation.

        Meanwhile, there’s this — I’ll just drop this here for lack of any other place to leave it:

        Word has been out on the street in Washington for some time that if you accept a job in the Trump administration, your DC career is over. I’ve heard from my daughter’s under-30 friends that Trump recruiters are desperately searching for people to take second-tier policy positions and can’t find anyone willing. Even the under-30 crowd is turning them down, with a few exceptions, mainly losers who can’t hold a policy job anywhere else.

        • Jim Portugul

          Just imagine say 5 years from now telling a perpective employer that you were part of the trump “ make america a disaster again plan”.

          Everyone’s life trump touches he eventually destroys in some way.

          • David Obermark

            You violated your policy. Please restrict yourself to Blue Virginia. Even though I am a Democrat, I am barred from that echo chamber. Seems to me you would feel right at home there, where everything Democrats do is sacred and dissent is not tolerated.

          • Jim Portugul

            After seeing the corruption in the latest election by the Republican Party, I’ve decided that I have moved from independent to complete Democrat until further notice.

          • David Obermark

            I beat you to it by many years. I used to claim to be an independent, even though I most often voted Democrat. I decided to start being honest. I do not like where my party is heading, but even if I start voting straight Republican for the rest of my life, the majority of the time I will have voted Democrat after I am in my grave.

  • David Obermark

    The blame for this shutdown lies at the feet of Democrats this time, and this comes from a Democrat.

    Also, I wish to provide this as evidence I am not partisan in affixing blame. I voted for Hillary, not Donald. I blamed (and still blame) Republicans for the last shutdown during the Obama Administration. I thought Republicans were being unreasonable in their demands then, and I find my party is being even more unreasonable now.

    Please notice that at least I am not being a hypocrite, unlike so many in my party are willing to be.

    • old_redneck

      “. . . and this comes from a Democrat.”

      I doubt it.

      • David Obermark

        I am a Blue Dog Democrat, but I am not a liberal. I self describe as left of center.

        I will give an example, I am 60 years old, I have never missed voting in a presidential election, and I have never voted for a Republican for President (yes, I voted for Jimmy Carter both times). As another example, while I was too young to vote, I campaigned for George McGovern in 1972. I started campaigning for him back when he was thought to be a dark horse to win the nomination, even got my picture on the front page of Current Events for doing so as an Eighth Grader. I have a copy of that issue of Current Events in my memorabilia to prove it if you want to see it. My campaign slogan for George while I was campaigning was “George McGovern, Born to Govern”; I authored that slogan.

        Yes, I sometimes vote for Republicans for other offices; I loved John Warner and in the most recent election I voted for John Adams for Virginia Attorney General. But, more often then not, if I cast a vote in a race, I cast it for the Democrat (I recently started abstaining from a lot of races if I dislike both candidates). Before I retired from the military, I retained my official home of record as being in Missouri and Missouri allowed party line voting. My check always went in the Democrat box; it was the lazy man’s way of voting, you only had to check one box, lol.

    • Jim Portugul

      You by your own writing admit that you are ignorant of the facts. The republicans in congress only did enough work on the budget to conform to the senate rules that would allow them to pass a trump tax cut for the rich plan with only 50 votes in the senate. And then they quit working on a budget, and went back to fund raising to reap the enormous rewards that the corporate give away of the tax plan allowed them to reap. You like many others have fallen for the lies of the republican media and do not have any command of actual facts. Here is why the republicans passed their tax cuts for the rich.

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