Freshman Del. Emily Brewer is Youngest Republican in Virginia House of Delegates

Delegate Emily Brewer is a member of the freshman class of 2018 in the Virginia General Assembly, and one of a record number of 38 women out of the 140 delegates.

At 33, Emily is also the youngest Republican in the Virginia House of Delegates as well as one of a wave of millennial leaders who are stepping into elected office. Motivated, determined, and a small business owner unafraid of hard work, her energy and enthusiasm was there even before she ran for public office.

On Thursday after committee assignments were announced by House Speaker Kirk Cox, Emily’s office released a statement sharing those assignments:

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox has named Delegate Emily Brewer to the Committees on Finance, Science & Technology, and Militia, Police and Public Safety.

“I am honored to have this opportunity and I look forward to working for the citizens of the 64th District on these important committees,” said Brewer. “I will continue to fight to make Virginia a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

The Committee on Finance considers matters that determine which resources are necessary in order to operate the government. Additionally, the Finance Committee is tasked with providing oversight on the Commonwealth’s taxation.

One of the oldest of the House’s standing committees, in recent years, it has had the busiest docket. The Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety considers matters concerning the Virginia National Guard; the organization and jurisdiction of local police and sheriffs’ departments; the regulation of firearms; emergency preparedness; homeland security, and correctional institutions.

The Science & Technology Committee has been critical to economic development and creating jobs across the Commonwealth. The Committee oversees all legislation relating to cybersecurity, broadband, and other science and technology matters.

“Delegate Brewer has the knowledge, background and commitment to serve as an effective member of these key committees,” Speaker Cox noted. “As a new member, Delegate Brewer will bring an important fresh perspective to the deliberations of these committees. As a small business owner and a supporter of law enforcement, I know Delegate Brewer will bring tremendous expertise to these critical committee assignments.”

The youthful delegate represents the 64th District in eastern Virginia that includes portions of Isle of Wight, Surry, Sussex, Suffolk City, Franklin City, Southampton, and Prince George.

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