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6th District Chooses Convention to Nominate Congressional Candidate

UPDATE: The Convention vote was 19-11 to nominate by plurality, and not majority. That means it will be whoever gets the highest vote total on the first ballot. Thus, a candidate — for Congress, mind you — can theoretically get nominated with a low of 15%-20% of the vote. This is an absolute nightmare. RPV State Central should move to be involved immediately.

According to reports from multiple sources, the Sixth Congressional District Republican Committee has chosen to nominate the replacement for Congressman Bob Goodlatte by convention. According to reports, and much to the chagrin of this author, the decision was unanimous with no discussion. The Convention will be held on May 19, 2018, at James Madison University.

This again illustrates the utter failure of the Sixth Congressional District Republican Committee to listen to the voters of the Sixth District. This decision disenfranchises so many people. Our military, law enforcement, and first responders will not able to participate in this convention. Families will not be able to participate due to childcare. Millenials and college students will not be able to participate due to the high cost of attending a convention. Some college graduations are that weekend. The whole convention is a method to disenfranchise voters and to nominate a far right-wing candidate.

This tone-deaf, self-aggrandizing decision of Chairman Scott Sayre and his merry band of political minions is just par for the course. It shows utter disregard for those who are disenfranchised by conventions and suggests he is interested only in a candidate who will bow to him and his minions in their quest for complete control of the Republican Party of Virginia.