Delegate Nick Freitas At The Advance

AUTHORS NOTE: I want to apologize for the lateness of this interview being posted. Due to the holidays, my schedule has been hectic and I have not been able to figure out the audio conversion software. I finally had a minute this evening to fix the audio. So please, enjoy these interviews from the RPV Advance.

I’d like to welcome my readers to the series of interviews that I conducted at the 2017 Republican Party of Virginia Advance. These interviews are short, podcast style interviews that I did for Bearing Drift to get out readers to connect with our elected officials and get to know them on a more personal level.

My first interview for the series is with US┬áSenate candidate Delegate Nick Freitas. Freitas (R-Culpepper) is a Green Beret veteran and a two-term┬ámember of the Virginia House of Delegates. In the interview, we discuss political ideology, the President’s agenda, Delegate Freitas’ legislative agenda in the House of Delegates, and what his plan is for the 2018 election. I hope you enjoy my interview with Delegate Nick Freitas.