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Virginia 6th District Congressional Candidate Confirms She’s in Alabama Helping Roy Moore

Why are Virginia candidates rushing to Alabama to help the Roy Moore campaign?

Monday evening a press release from Cynthia Dunbar, a congressional candidate for Virginia’s 6th District, confirmed that she had gone to Alabama to help controversial Republican candidate Roy Moore’s U.S. Senate campaign:

“Tomorrow’s election in Alabama is vitally important. President Trump fully grasps the importance of this election and the harm that can be done if liberal elites in Washington along with the mainstream media are ultimately able to decide the fate of a statewide election. While I respect the voice of others in the RNC who do not agree, there are many of us who do support the President’s decision to endorse and the RNC’s willingness to financially get behind Roy Moore.

“I personally do stand with the President, the RNC and Judge Moore. The decision of who should represent the people of Alabama should solely be given to the people of Alabama. Additionally, I hope that the choice of the people of Alabama, whatever it may be, will be respected by the U.S. Senate.”

The press release was issued under, “Paid for by Dunbar for Congress, Inc.”

Alabama’s special election takes place today, December 12.

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