Ku Klux Klan Recruits With Flyers in Shenandoah Valley

Word began circulating on Facebook Tuesday as Shenandoah Valley residents posted about Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers showing up on vehicles up and down the Valley. In Waynesboro, Mt. Crawford, Staunton, Broadway, Winchester, and on Mary Baldwin University’s campus, the paper circulars were found tucked under windshield wipers.

The 336 area is North Carolina and includes the north-central, mainly Triad Piedmont, region of the state,  as well as the northern foothills and mountain regions. I didn’t call it but a Facebook commenter reported that it went to a recorded message. A search online found this video from 2014 of a phone recording at that number.

The Winchester Star wrote earlier this month that the same thing happened in their city on Halloween. In Leesburg, as reported by WTOP, KKK literature was stuffed into baggies along with candy and left in yards on Halloween. Other localities have reported the same.

This morning The Recorder, the news source for Bath and Highland counties, posted on Facebook that they had received the flyer in the mail and had heard of readers finding them tossed out in baggies with birdseed. They were asking if others had received the recruitment circulars.

Seeing the hate-filled words is a reminder of the tiki torch march/alt-right rally in Charlottesville in August, just a few months ago, when a young woman was run down and killed by an alt-right march participant.

Just this week Rick Sincere posted a movie review of  “Charlottesville: Our Streets” that premiered over the weekend at the Virginia Film Festival. The movie documents the violence that occurred in Charlottesville on that weekend just a few months ago, the clashes between alt-right members and other groups, and the tragic turn it took.



  • Roger Jarrell

    These same flyers were dropped in Lexington on Jackson Avenue over a year ago. Jackson Avenue is undoubtedly the last place in Rockbridge County that the KKK or any alt-right group would canvass. So something doesn’t add up. Most likely a political ploy.

    • old_redneck

      Damn, Roger . . . you caught us!!! Yep, all these flyers are being dropped off, sneakily, under cover of darkness by us liberals who are trying to besmirch the good name of the Klan.

      I grew up in Wilkinson County, MS, where the Klan all but ruled the place — back in the 1950’s. My granddaddy hated the Klan and let them know about it. For that reason, he carried a pistol and slept with a shotgun. It’s a shame he never got a chance to use either on a Klansman.

    • MD Russ

      It wouldn’t be the first time, Roger. Google “fake hate group flyers” and you will find dozens of credible news reports of phony flyers being distributed or posted by people trying to stir up racial or ethnic conflict. As for the telephone number in North Carolina, yes, there is a KKK. Whether or not it is recruiting in Virginia is doubtful. I grew up in Klan country and they typically didn’t recruit–you would be approached one-on-one and be invited to join after you were vetted.

    • Cam

      Very possible that it’s a media sting operation as well; one of the leftist media operations running a fishing expedition to see if they can snare anyone of interest.

  • Cam

    If it’s any consolation, Bill Kristol has identified an overlooked constituency that holds great promise for the GOP … one-legged (former) Mujahideen from Afghanistan who work at our nation’s [Virginia] airports, worship Gordon Humphrey …

    Kristol writes:

    Had a encounter at the airport just now with a man who immigrated in the
    80s from Afghanistan after losing a leg fighting the Soviets. He
    worships Reagan, Charlie Wilson & Gordon Humphrey, is very proud to
    be an American citizen, and implored us to keep fighting to save the

    Link here: https://twitter.com/BillKristol/status/930855549142487043

    So much for “allah”, I suppose.

  • Jim Portugul

    Of more concern these days is the Amazon Post dropping what amounts to flyers on America. Flyers with no proof about something they report happened nearly 40 years ago. The media in this country is becoming more and more of a quasi type police force, judge, jury, and career wrecker.

    To allow the Amazon Post to wreck someones reputation with absolutely zero proof is just plain wrong. I am certainly no big fan of Roy Moore, don’t have a dog in that fight. However, has he ever had even a speeding ticket? We know he graduated from West Point and served this country in Vietnam. Can the same be said about his accusers? Can the $90B establisment cone head Jeff Bezos say that he has served anyone but himself?

    Once again, (broken record) we have what amounts to a growing herd of women coming out of the woodwork, calling on Gloria Allrod nearly 40 years later claiming something happened way back when but with zero proof. Just like I felt that the UVA gang rape story was pure BS from the very beginnng, this Amazon Post drama stinks to high heaven.

    Plain and simple, this is what happens when cheap, foreign, slave labor is taken advantage of, and Wall St. creates billionaires on paper, who then weaponize those billions for their own personal agenda. An agenda that always seems to involve them making even more billions.

    Screw the establistment, the crooked media, the Amazon Post, and their $90 Billion cone head. This whole deal ain’t nothing but another con job on the American people, just like the Congressman Rob Wittman Tax Increase for the Rich.

  • HaroldCh8

    “Ammendent” lol.

    Low energy bait. This will be fake bias incident #2,719 since Trump took office.

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