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Does RPV Deserve Blame for Bloody Tuesday Losses?

The Republican Party of Virginia’s 2017 Bloody Tuesday is one for the history books with the loss of governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general as well as 16 House of Delegates seats. Watching that House advantage shrink to one or two was painful as well-known legislators fell on election night, one after the other, like redwoods crashing to the ground.

So after that historic drubbing, there are calls for RPV Chairman John Whitbeck to step down. In the Washington Post video above, Whitbeck, an attorney from Northern Virginia who has been chairman since January 2015, said he had no intention of resigning which would mean his hand-picked executive director, John Findlay, would also remain.

The question is who would replace them, and who would determine what direction Virginia Republicans go in the future?

Tuesday’s results will be the main topic of discussion for those who bother to attend this year’s Republican Advance held in December, something Whitbeck and Findlay are heading up. Of course, there is a State Central Committee meeting during that weekend so perhaps the Johns will tender their resignations at that time. Or not.

Update: John Whitbeck said he has no intentions [1] of stepping down as RPV Chairman.