Score: Election Predictions

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

It’s the pre-Election Day show, and Scott Lee takes the Latino Victory Fund to task for its depiction of Ed Gillespie supporters as domestic terrorists. He also notes a speech from Sen. Barbara Favola, in which she characterized Republicans as “evil.” One could challenge the notion( the old saw has Democrats as “evil” and Republicans as “stupid,” but I digress). Scott also points to another ad calls on African-American voters to stand up to “white supremacy.”

Scott calls these messages “harmful.” Perhaps. They are intended to motivate the base, and those who are not blinded by their red pom-poms will admit the GOP has run its share of despicable ads as well. Mercifully, the end is in sight…so we can get ready or the 2018 Senate race. Buckle-up.

Later, Scott Lee and I give our predictions for Election Day. Scott’s leaning to the GOP, I see a mixed bag for both sides. Place your wagers with care.

Plus…an Alexandria church erases George Washington and Robert E. Lee from its pews; what’s our “unum;” and the power vested in you — greater than any politician.

Hit it boys…

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