Score: The Politics of Evil

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee talks about the Las Vegas massacre, and why he thinks it’s a reminder that evil is real. Can it be stopped, or prevented from inflicting harm? Scott says the easy answer is gun control. But he also says that pure evil “finds a way,” even if the shooter, his ilk, and the nation were disarmed. But guns are now a hot political issue again. Scott asks what sort of proposal for control would have prevented Vegas. Certainly, new restrictions have become a late issue in the gubernatorial race. This article, from FiveThirtyEight, ought to be a starting point for any renewed discussion.

Later Scott and I discuss the latest edition of the ad wars in the gubernatorial race, which I also discussed in the Washington Post. The Gillespie campaign’s Blair With Project-inspired ad lashing Ralph Northam to MS-13 gang violence is more than a horror movie homage, it’s got a big ‘ol dog whistle at its heart. To be fair, the ad’s triple bank shot premise seems to have hit its intended demographic:

On the upside, the race finally seems to be moving out of its rope-a-dope phase (though Mr. Northam may not have gotten that memo).

Scott then turns his attention to an issue in the House of Delegates races underway in the commonwealth, including 15 Democratic candidates who are in favor of a single payer health care system. Scott calls it “preposterous,” though he loves the idea that Democrats are embracing an idea they have long loathed — federalism. Wonders never cease…

Plus, political correctness cutting corners on context (looking at you, Cam Newton), and the baseball playoffs…it’s a wonderful time of year.

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  • old_redneck

    Nazis and Klansmen march on Charlottesville, carrying torches and shouting “The South will rise again” and “Russia is our friend.” Ed Gillespie sits silent while Ralph Northam condemns the bastards and traitors for what they are.

    Meanwhile, over at the Times-Dispatch site, the “heritage not hate” crowd is not smart enough to know the difference between “succession” and “secession.”

    • Jim Portugul

      What, just like Clinton told America that Communist China, Mexico, illegal immigrants, globalization, are all our friends? Oh, and the real icing on the cake? The Democrats jumping into bed with Republicans to salute and embrace cheap foreign labor. The Democrats campaigned on “Make America Stupid” past November.

      Looks sorta like America would rather have white nationalism rather than any form of Clintonism????

      But, never let either party have the Mansion, House, and the $inate. Never.

      • old_redneck

        Jim — here’s a tip: Refrain from posting when you’ve been drinking.

        • Jim Portugul

          Say what you want. But, Clinton ultimately lost the election because Democrats dumped on Made in America. Sure, Putin, Facebook, E-mails, and Bengazi, hurt. But, she still would have carried the industrial states electoral college scam/con job, were it not for abandoning Made in the USA.

          I fully expect the Dems to follow your lead and double down on stupid in 20′.

  • old_redneck

    A couple of Latinos dared speak up at an Enron Ed rally in Prince William County — only to be dragged out by some of Ed’s thugs.

    Note that Ed Gillespie doesn’t protest the Latino man being dragged
    out, doesn’t say “cut it out, let him speak” or “take your hands off of
    him” or anything of the sort. Cowardly non-leadership as usual
    from Gillespie…

    • SJane

      You are on the BD blogs daily, and your SPEW on this one PW rally is off message and incorrect.
      Gillespie had the microphone talking w/the crowd, and the protestor was OUT of Line…Gillespie supports DACA reform, protestor was up-set about immigration, and the discourse is “illegals that immigrate”. NOT a state problem this is on the Fed. level first. NONE of the candidates employ “thugs” at their rallies. This was an attendee.
      “Enron Ed”, your reference, was a consultant and advisor to that company and later to GW Bush on gas and oil in TX. The CEO and CFOs of Enron were the ones that created a scam and fraud, that brought down Enron, NOT Ed Gillespie. IF you cared to research and report correctly YOU may learn some valuable information. Would you recognize leadership if you actually had to face it? Doubtful, because most of your commentary is negative…NOT conducive to a leader.

  • Craig Scott

    Not surprising, to statist birds of feather…

    “BUSTED: Fake Republican @BillKristol’s Wife Caught Funding Democrat Candidate For Governor In Virginia”

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