Score: Everything is coming up politics

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee has had enough. Politics, he says, has infested everything. From bathrooms to classrooms, universities to churches, from birth to death (plus football). Scott blames the left for all of this, and calls them “the great dividers.” I just hope he’s never read “The Personal is Political.” It might send him into orbit.

Then it’s on to the GOP tax cut proposal making the rounds. Is it a giveaway to the rich? Scott says it should — and it should be “large and dramatic.” After all Scott says, it’s their money. And a tax cut allows the rich, and anyone else, to keep more of their own money. For those who assert government has a prior claim on one’s dollars, this is badthink of the highest order.

Scott then turns his attention to Virginia’s statewide and House races. Scott says he is “sick and tired” of it all. But he also revisits the tax issue, specifically the tax cut proposed by Republican Ed Gillespie. In the most recent debate, Gillespie was asked how he would pay for his tax cut. Scott believes the question is off base. The money doesn’t belong to the state — it belongs to the people (Gillespie should have been asked why he doesn’t index his proposed cuts, but that’s a topic for another time). Scott turns the laces into Ralph Northam for the lieutenant governor’s position that we need to “invest” in Virginia. Not “invest in your own family,” Scott says, but to pay for your neighbor’s family.

Plus, painting Christians as a threat to the Republic, and a $26 minimum wage.

Yeah, we live in interesting times. What do you think, George?

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