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Scott Lee has had enough. Politics, he says, has infested everything. From bathrooms to classrooms, universities to churches, from birth to death (plus football). Scott blames the left for all of this, and calls them “the great dividers.” I just hope he’s never read “The Personal is Political.” It might send him into orbit.

Then it’s on to the GOP tax cut proposal making the rounds. Is it a giveaway to the rich? Scott says it should — and it should be “large and dramatic.” After all Scott says, it’s their money. And a tax cut allows the rich, and anyone else, to keep more of their own money. For those who assert government has a prior claim on one’s dollars, this is badthink of the highest order.

Scott then turns his attention to Virginia’s statewide and House races. Scott says he is “sick and tired” of it all. But he also revisits the tax issue, specifically the tax cut proposed by Republican Ed Gillespie. In the most recent debate, Gillespie was asked how he would pay for his tax cut. Scott believes the question is off base. The money doesn’t belong to the state — it belongs to the people (Gillespie should have been asked why he doesn’t index his proposed cuts, but that’s a topic for another time). Scott turns the laces into Ralph Northam for the lieutenant governor’s position that we need to “invest” in Virginia. Not “invest in your own family,” Scott says, but to pay for your neighbor’s family.

Plus, painting Christians as a threat to the Republic, and a $26 minimum wage.

Yeah, we live in interesting times. What do you think, George?

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  • old_redneck

    Let’s hope Trump has an enjoyable weekend of golf.

    Meanwhile, isolated communities in Puerto Rico are reporting outbreaks of cholera, conjunctivitis, and dengue fever. Cholera and dengue fever . . . in the United States.

  • Jim Portugul

    Whoever gets a tax cut, rich or poor, how is it going to be paid for?


    What cuts is Congress going to make to pay for any tax cut for anybody?

    Also, in spite of the apparent increase in federal revenue under Trump, the increase in the stock market, the deficit is growing at a faster rate than it was the year before Trump took office.

    Back to you Scotty.

    • old_redneck

      How will it be paid for?? No problem . . . pay for it on the backs of the poor, the elderly and children. After all, that’s the Republican way.

  • old_redneck

    What is it that Republicans are REALLY afraid of? MS-13? No. Antifa? No. North Korea? No. Iran? No. ISIS? No.

    Republicans are deathly afraid of strong women. So now they are after Elizabeth Warren.

    In her new book What Happened, Hillary Clinton has an entire chapter devoted to what it’s like being a woman in politics. In it, she addresses the rampant sexism and misogyny that women endure as political candidates and public officials. She is candid in her assessment of how men in politics are far less scrutinized, tested, and painted as hypocritical in the ways that women are. It is a harsh truth and a sad demonstration of how far we have to go toward gender equality in this country.

    Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to run for office again. However, what
    she describes is a phenomenon not unique to her but instead one
    experienced by a number of women in politics. One notable example is
    Elizabeth Warren. Warren is the darling of the progressive left and a
    number of Democrats are hopeful that she will run for president in 2020.
    She has announced that she has no plans to do so. But that has not
    stopped the right wing from investing the same level of vitriol and mudslinging in her that it did with Hillary.

    Yet now, as many hope and speculate that she might run in 2020, the right is investing in a story line about Warren that is practically indistinguishable from the one they peddled for years about Clinton. And even in these early days, some of that narrative is finding its way into mainstream coverage of Warren, and in lefty reactions to it.

    It’s a literal investment, one that may mean that conservatives see Warren as among the most dangerous of their future presidential opposition. […]

    But most notable was the $150,000 sunk by conservative hedge-fund billionaire and Breitbart benefactor Robert Mercer into a super-PAC called
    Massachusetts First, built specifically to target Warren.

    It looks like the money given by Mercer is going to radio ads that
    target Warren as an elite, liberal professor who collected loads of
    money in the form of her Harvard Law School salary while her students
    went into debt for their education. And true to their playbook, just
    like with Hillary, Republicans are painting Warren as untrustworthy.

    As Politico notes, these moves against Warren in the context of a race she’s not likely to be vulnerable in demonstrate that Republicans “are aiming to replicate the pounce-early-and-often model they used against Clinton in 2014 and 2015.”

    But in Warren’s case, it’s not just the pace and timing of attacks that recall right-wing anti-Clinton strategy. It’s also the portrayal of her as hypocritical and untrustworthy. The Massachusetts First website describes its mission as providing “the full and real story” of Warren’s failings, a construction that suggests that her self-presentation is inauthentic, as Clinton’s was often presumed to be.

    How sad. These men can’t even be bothered to come up with something
    more original. Is this how they plan to attack all women? “She’s too
    educated, too rich and too stuffy and inauthentic for her own good?”
    Gee, that actually sounds familiar. Perhaps they should take a good,
    hard look in the mirror—because that pretty much describes everyone in
    their party.

    But that’s not at all. Aside from painting this outrageous caricature
    of a person, they are also resorting to attacking her credibility with
    her core audience: liberals.

    After [confronting her at an appearance and videotaping it, right-wing radio host Jeff Kuhner] repeatedly tweeted the clip at Donald Trump and conservative news outlets, alongside descriptions of Warren as a “phony Indian, a phony progressive & a phony senator,” who “made millions shilling for big banks, corporations & insurance giants” and “got rich by flipping
    homes, taking advantage of old ladies. She embodies crony capitalism.”

    Luckily, Elizabeth Warren isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Her
    Senate seat is likely safe and if she keeps her word and doesn’t run,
    she’ll stay in the Senate in the next presidential election where she is
    also desperately needed. But whether or not she runs for president,
    this shows us what hideous sexist trolls folks on the right are. This is
    a party that “regards ambitious women as threatening and ugly.” Of course there are many reasons to elect more women to office (especially women of color)—beginning with the fact that women are smart, hardworking and capable. Of course, another reason to elect women is to shove it down Republicans’ throats.

  • Jim Portugul

    The “Trump Channel”, Fox News, is right now talking about how much the Reagan and Bush 43′ tax cuts added to the National Deficit. The Reagan tax cuts added over $200 BILLION to the deficit. The Bush 43′ tax cuts added $1.5 TRILLION to the deficit. The Trump tax cuts will add $1.5 to 2 TRILLION to the deficit.

    This is not from CNN, or MSNBC, this is from Fox News.

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