VPOD 17.17. Rep. Bob Goodlatte

Congressman Bob Goodlatte is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and represents Virginia’s 6th Congressional District.

In this podcast, Chairman Goodlatte talks about the latest regarding immigration reform, gang violence legislation, continuing resolutions and the budget, the special counsel investigation, and news regarding the district.

Additionally, Norm Leahy and Matt Hall join Jim to discuss Virginia traditions and monuments, the free market v. corporate welfare, the current state of the Virginia campaigns, and concerns about a breach of security into Equifax and why it matters to Virginia politics.

Norm won the podcast with this quote:

“If you’re explaining in politics, you’re losing.”


Sept. 19. Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and George Mason University gubernatorial debate at Capital One headquarters in Tysons. Moderated by NBC journalist Chuck Todd, who hosts “Meet the Press.” Most NBC affiliates in Virginia are carrying the debate at 7 pm.

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  • old_redneck

    Could you please explain this?

    Last week we saw a rather racist set of mail pieces in Virginia being sent
    out to attack Democratic House of Delegates Candidate Elizabeth Guzman, who is running in the 31st District. Here’s a link to an article describing these campaign pieces.


    These pieces attack her for wanting to pass legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a drivers license. Of course, the GOP
    incumbent Guzman is running against isn’t man enough to send out the mail
    pieces under his own campaign, and instead is relying on a PAC founded by House Speaker Bill Howell.


    This is how the Republicans in Virginia play, folks, and up until now
    they’ve been pretty good about hiding their tracks. The actual politician gets
    to say he had no idea about what was going to be on the mail pieces, and they claim no coordination with controversial messaging sent out on their behalf.

    Except this time they screwed up.

    Scott Lingamfelter — Elizabeth’s Republican opponent — owns the
    website URL you see at the top of the mail piece image above:
    http://www.ElizabethGuzmanForDelegate.com. A simple “whois” search reveals
    that Lingamfelter himself registered the domain and website in July.


    Yes, he registered it using his actual address, phone number and email address.

    Well that’s awkward.

    Delegate Lingamfelter , if you have no knowledge or coordination with these
    shady PACs, then please explain why you would buy a domain name used by these mail pieces right before they started coming out?

    No answer?

    That’s what I thought.

    If anyone had any remaining delusions about just how low these Republican
    delegates will go to hold onto their power, I trust this will clear up any
    doubts. Furthermore, as an example of just how ignorant Lingamfelter is, the bill referenced on this mail piece was originally a bipartisan one proposed by
    a Republican.

  • old_redneck

    Gillespie Has Spent Years Lobbying Against the Interests of Virginians

    Arlington, Va. – In a press conference on Friday, Delegate
    Marcus Simon, Delegate Mark Levine, and Executive Director of Generation
    Progress Action Maggie Thompson called on Ed Gillespie to release his
    consulting and lobbying clients and activities from the past five years.
    At the event — which was the third stop in the Democratic Party of
    Virginia’s “Ed Gillespie: Swamp Creature” tour — speakers criticized
    Gillespie for lobbying for predatory student loan companies and other
    corporate interests at the expense of Virginians.

    “If voters are going to make a decision, they need to know
    from Ed Gillespie: who have you been working for for the past five
    years?,” said Delegate Marcus Simon. “More important than that, once we
    know who those folks are, what are you going to do if elected, to handle
    those conflicts? How would you set up a firewall to make sure that
    you’re representing our interests and not the interests of your
    corporate clients?”

    “Ed Gillespie refuses to disclose all of his clients. We
    know who Ralph Northam worked for – he worked for the Army and he works
    for sick children,” said Delegate Mark Levine. “So what is Ed Gillespie
    trying to hide? Why won’t he disclose who paid his bills? He won’t tell
    us, he won’t tell the press, he won’t tell you.”

    “Ed Gillespie’s lobbying firm made hundreds of thousands of
    dollars from the student loan companies,” said Maggie Thompson,
    Executive Director for Generation Progress Action. “It wasn’t just one
    client and it wasn’t just one type of student loan, Ed Gillespie’s
    lobbying record spans multiple sectors of the student loan market, and
    that’s deeply problematic.”

    Gillespie has a long history of fighting for wealthy
    special interests at the expense of Virginia and has played a central
    role in rigging our political system against working families. As a
    lobbyist in the 2000s, Gillespie and his firm made hundreds of thousands
    of dollars working to keep students loans expensive — and lobbying
    against policies to make it easier for Virginia students to afford to go
    to college. With Gillespie’s help, Bank of America and the private
    student loan lender, Nelnet, tried to kill legislation to take money
    away from predatory student loan companies and put it towards lowering
    the interest on student loans.

    Gillespie’s work for student loan companies in the 2000s is
    just the tip of the iceberg. Just three years of disclosures reveal
    that Gillespie made millions from lobbying and consulting work while
    hundreds of Virginians went home without a job and without pay. Just by
    combining the three years of 2006, 2013 and 2016, Gillespie made up to
    $5.2 million lobbying and consulting, while Virginia’s workforce was
    grappling with the worst recession since the Great Depression and a
    recovery that is still continuing.

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