Score: The politics of swimsuits

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott revisits one of his favorite topics — the false utopia of government taking care of you, and removing all your worries and cares. In this case, it’s the new Democratic mania for single payer health care. It’s not new, really (a brief history can be read here), but it’s back with a vengeance this year, and the push is led by the left’s aged heart-throb, Sen. Bernie Sanders. At least Bernie has the honesty to admit your taxes “may go up” yo pay for the program, but assures his followers that expense will be more than offset by not having to pay for private insurance. Milton Friedman had something to say about all this…

Scott then shifts to matters of faith, noting survey data that shows Americans becoming more secular. Scott sees this as a disturbing trend, arguing that it leads to a loss of human freedom, with moral authority (and power) ceded to government. He links all this to the incident at the University of Virginia, where a “mob,” as Scott calls them, decided to throw a shroud over the school’s founder, Thomas Jefferson. Scott points to Lynn Mitchell’s post on the broader topic of Mr. Jefferson. And for those interested, UVA was once a den of iniquity, and much worse — during Jefferson’s lifetime.

Plus: politics intrude on the Miss America pageant, and increasingly at ESPN, and a school bans chants of “USA!”

Good grief. Take it away, T-Bone…

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  • Jim Portugul

    Here is a link that shows the month by month interest paid on all the money we owe. January- October 2017, just shy of $435 BILLION in just interest alone. But you would rather talk about last years losers. Same as Limbaugh and Hannity continuing the rhetoric about Hillary and Obama .

    You won’t face the truth about the Republican Party. A complete failure, same as the Democrats. Why don’t you ask who is getting rich of the debt? Shame, shame, shame.

    • Scott Lee

      No idea what you are talking about! What did I say on this show to stir this reaction?

      • Jim Portugul

        Are you saying that you are not aware that the US will pay $435 BILLION in interest this year? Why are you afraid to talk about the debt????

        That money coupled will Medicare, and Medicaid, would probably fund healthcare for everyone here legally with money left over. We cannot have single payer because we are nothing but a country of crooks and hoodlums.

        Those who do not want single payer would not have to participate, and would get a tax credit to buy their own insurance.

        You just want to keep bringing up 30 years worth of the same dirty laundry that this country cannot move beyond. The Republicans got it all now, and they are nothing but a “three stooges” form of government.

        The Democrats are no better nor worse. Trump’s in bed with Pelosi and Shumer and the right wants to talk about Hillary and Obama????

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