Score: Gouging the candidates

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee and I take a look at the gubernatorial race (yes, there is one underway), as we should. Labor day has come and gone, and we’re all supposed to be paying more attention to the candidates who would succeed Terry McAuliffe. The folks Scott talks to don’t seem to know much about the race, let alone that one is underway. That’s not an entirely irrational response. And the Buena Vista Labor Day parade that Republicans made a huge deal about and Ralph Northam ignored? Nobody really cares — except a handful of folks on Twitter. We also take a side glance at the DACA follies, and leave the hysteria to those who are paid to get overly excited by everything under the sun.

Scott then takes a gander at the VPAP test to see which gubernatorial candidate fits most closely with your beliefs. Nevermind that the test is a version of “The Dating Game,” and “Mystery Date.” Scott goes through each question of the test to see who his perfect candidate match might be. Not surprisingly, his match is Bella Abzug

Next, it’s audio from the Labor Day parade, gathered by our special correspondent, Rick Sincere. Given the impending hurricane in parts of the country, Rick asked the candidates about price gouging. It’s the kind of topic that exposes whether someone understands the concept of supply and demand. Among those responding: Del. Ben Cline (who talks about “balance”), Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Cliff Hyra (who says price gouging laws should be repealed), and GOP attorney general candidate John Adams…who offered an epic word salad. Time to go back to those undergrad econ classes, Mr. Adams.

Rick also got Ben Cline and Rep. Bob Goodlatte to talk more about the DACA follies.

Plus: parsing the pledge of allegiance, Trump’s the reason for hurricanes (according to some), and New York City’s mayor comes out swinging against private property.

Take it away, Brother Buffett:

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