Score: Hurricane Politics and the Macker’s Ever Changing Views

On this podcast edition of The Score radio show…

Scott Lee discusses the politics of natural disaster, or at least the nasty variety of political opportunism that arises in a disaster’s wake. While there have been many stories of personal courage and perseverance coming out of the post-Hurricane Harvey mess, there have also been numerous episodes of silliness, including, but not limited to, funding for recovery efforts, Mrs. Trump’s choice of footwear, re-casting the plight of looters, and so on. Mercifully, there were others who had more important, and far better, things to do.

Switching gears, Scott talks about the president’s push for tax reform, and notes a story about the ever-growing average tax bill for the American family. Scott’s no fan of taxation, and he’s on board with the idea of cuts (committed supply sider that he is).

Then it’s back to Virginia, and the rising profile of Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Is Mr. McAuliffe pondering a 2020 run? Possibly. But according to Scott, the Governor has a long way to go before his personal narrative can be sold to a national audience. But he does have a knack for making the conversation interesting.

Plus, the chicken wing crisis in America. It’s a real thing.

And since everything has become political these days…

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