Gov. McAuliffe Funds National Self-Destruction March to D.C.

Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, is providing taxpayer-funded state resources to an organization that vows to unseat President Donald Trump.

The “March to Confront White Supremacy” departed from Charlottesville’s Lee Park on Monday, with a reported 100 participants, which shortly dwindled to about 25. The group’s express purpose, as formerly stated on their (now attenuated) web site, is “removing” the President from office:

We demand that President Trump be removed from office for allying himself with this ideology of hate and we demand an agenda that repairs the damage it’s done to our country and its people.

A Daily Progress story magnified the charge, quoting the confronters as vowing relentless “civil disobedience:”

“We will hold our ground and launch wave after wave of civil disobedience demanding Trump be removed from office and that we begin to heal our nation’s wounds of white supremacy.”

Law enforcement sources say approximately twenty Virginia State Police officers were compelled to participate, on the Governor’s orders. The State Troopers were diverted from their primary duties and given less than 24 hours’ notice of this mandatory assignment.

The caravan has drawn significant public ire on its travels northward via Route 29, as participants have insisted on marching in the roadway instead of using sidewalks, road shoulders, and adjacent grass ways. Traffic has been unnecessarily and significantly impeded on several occasions.

An eyewitness reported anti-police sentiment being expressed by the marchers:

As I drove through the mob of 25, I heard the anti-police rants from these protesters. If any of them claim to be from the “faith community” I doubt any of them were Christians. I saw nothing but lawlessness, pride of ignorance, and a deep and abiding hatred for those poor souls forced by the governor to protect their wanton idiocy.

Estimated costs for the state “escort” service have not been released, but those familiar with police deployment logistics say the total could be several tens-of-thousands of dollars.

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