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Wexton is Against Tax Increases, Unless It’s a GOP Tax Increase

So, apparently, the new talking point in the 10th Congressional District Democrat scrum is that Jennifer Wexton hates taxes.

“I’m not looking to increase taxes at this time or anytime, really,” states Wexton.

Of course, she supported the largest tax increase in Virginia history: H.B. 2313. This bill has added about $1.25 billion to the budget per year.

“While H.B. 2313 is not perfect, I support it. It creates sustainable sources of funding allowing the Commonwealth, and especially NOVA and other congested areas, to tackle transportation infrastructure limitations that have been deferred for too long. It will also allow NOVA greater control in directing local revenues to local projects. However, we still need transportation solutions incorporating both road expansion and increased public transportation to ensure our infrastructure can sustain and foster continued growth.”

That was Wexton’s response to a questionnaire [1] from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce when she was running for state Senate in 2013.

Ignoring the fact that it was a Republican governor and Republican General Assembly that passed this bill for a moment, Wexton was all in! And she was interested in more. Did you catch that last line of wanting more “road expansion and increased public transportation”? I wonder how that gets paid for?

I’m not actually saying she was wrong to support this bill. We do have to raise money (or cut other spending programs) to create public projects, but it is interesting to see that she’s attempting to portray herself as the conservative in the Democratic race.