Former James City County Board of Supervisors Chair to Challenge Rep. Scott Taylor in VA-02

Mary Jones, former James City County Board of Supervisors Chair and staunch Trump supporter, has announced that she will challenge incumbent GOP Congressman Scott Taylor in Virginia’s Second Congressional District.

The revelation came by way of a piece on Big League Politics, which stated that she seeks to “push the populist nationalist policy items that Congress is refusing to approve.” Jones went on to highlight the national debt, illegal immigration, and the military as her top issues, assailing Taylor for doing “nothing to move the president’s agenda forward.”

Jones is, however, wrong. In fact, Taylor has voted overwhelmingly in favor of bills which President Trump has supported, including Kate’s Law, measures to penalize Sanctuary Cities, and the AHCA.

If the unwavering devotion to President Trump over all other things sounds familiar, then you’ll be about as surprised as I was to learn that she was a supporter of Corey Stewart during the 2017 gubernatorial primary. Indeed, she co-hosted an event at her parents’ home in March in which she introduced Stewart to the group of supporters who were present.

Jones, who somehow lost her seat to an Independent candidate in 2015 despite outspending her opponent by around a 2:1 margin in a year in which Republicans across Virginia fared relatively well, will certainly face an uphill battle against an incumbent Congressman in VA-2.

After beating former 4th District Congressman Randy Forbes by 12 points in the 2016 primary, Taylor dismantled his Democratic opponent with 61% of the vote. Trump, meanwhile, narrowly defeated Clinton in VA-2, by a much slimmer 49-45 margin. In other words, Taylor didn’t need Trump’s help to win his seat in the House.

What’s more, Stewart lost every municipality in VA-2 to Ed Gillespie, except for Accomack County. Given these results, Jones may want to seriously reconsider running as a Trump/Stewart populist in the district she seeks to represent.

At this point, Jones seems like little more than a statement candidate and a protest vote for Trump loyalists who are disappointed in Taylor’s lack of blind devotion to the president in his statements. However, as you can see at the links in the very first paragraph of this article, Taylor has actually voted with Trump on nearly every issue that has come before the House of Representatives since taking office.

Mary Jones and her supporters will certainly have a difficult time explaining how that qualifies as “doing nothing to move the president’s agenda forward,” as the campaign unfolds.

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